FOLLOW UP: Dangerous crossing at Park Ave/Long Beach Blvd

Ok, so I got some updated information on the dangerous crossing situation at Park Avenue/ LB Blvd. This is regarding:

The person who wrote the original letter to Nassau County traffic department emailed, phoned, left messages, etc. Finally they heard back from the county! This is what they were told.

The county knows about the situation. They are probably six months away from even looking into it. They agree it’s  not an ideal situation, one that is replicated on many county roads. They cannot just simply change the timers because the equipment is so old, it can’t be re-programmed the way it needs to be. The system is so old, pressing the WALK button is actually useless because it says WALK every time anyway. They need to do a study because the last thing they want is for traffic on Park Avenue to be ‘backed up to Lido’.

I will provides updates on this as soon as I can.


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