Meet Joey Naham, the Green Party Candidate for New York State Assembly – District 20

static1-squarespaceLocal Long Beach resident Joey Naham is the Green Party Candidate for New York State Assembly – District 20.  I recently caught up with Joey and got to ask him about his run.

What makes you different than the other candidates? 

I’m very different. I can start by saying first and foremost I don’t receive any campaign contributions from LLC’s, PACs, Special interests, or corporations, because I want to work for You and only you.

I want to propose legislation that bans political party leaders from holding an elected government office and also protecting whistleblowers who expose unethical behavior. My candidacy is important to me, I have lived here all of my life (fourth generation) and I intend to not only represent and champion our communities in the assembly as a beacon for investing education and grant funds to not only into our general education, but also for laboratories that study climate change, vector control (integrated pest management is an alternative to spraying pesticides) and providing climate change resource jobs for our communities in addition to the green jobs I intend to bring in either the Green New Deal proposal.
Can you elaborate on some issues that concerns the average Long Beach resident?

High taxes are the biggest concerns all neighbors have, and I have a plan, unlike my opponents. My plan is replacing our current property assessment derived school tax with a school tax based on income tax. We also increase income taxes on those corporations and individuals making $10,000,000.00 or more to rates more comparable to what rest of the 99% are paying and that would bring in $12 billion in additional revenue when we compound an additional 1%tax on oil and food derivates trading, because if you profit on the speculation of our energy and food by altering markets you should pay a tax, which they currently are not.

This plan is reasonable, practical, and absolutely acceptable by the majority of New Yorkers, we can’t continue to prove out college grads, and people on fixed incomes out of our communities and my plan will change and resolve these dragging taxes. I also want NY to have a state Bank that offers low interest rates on mortgages for first time home owners.
As the Green Party candidate, Our local environment is obviously an issue of yours. 

Bay Park sewage treatment plant is a severe issue for our entire community, certainly not only for the residents of Bay Park who are affected by it most. The plant turns effluent into different sized pieces of gelatin. The large, medium and small sizes of this gelatin sewage are removed out of our plant, but the tiny pieces of gelatin sewage are fed out into our waterways.  I’m not afraid to admit that my waste goes into my environment, but we are living in the 21st century and we need to right this very wrong ship now.We need to think differently about our sewage. It is not waste, it is a resource.  Our aquifers are under threat due to overuse, pollution, and salt water intrusion. Today we are pumping fresh water out of our toilets into the bays and potentially our ocean, while we simultaneously have salt water intruding into our most precious limited resource, our aquifers.

Orange County CA has the world’s largest advanced water purification system for potable water reuse.  Their operation system is currently provides 100 million gallons of water per day to the Orange County Groundwater Basin. Their water is also injected into coastal barrier wells to keep seawater out of the basin.

The Nassau County and state Green party chairpersons spoke with DEC commissioner Seggos last week about this proposal and her eyes lit up. The DEC wants this program, because it is needed. So why is Mr. Eramo talking about moving our current gelatin into another bay, a couple of years ago, Well unfortunately he  is dead wrong on this issue. We can’t continue the out of sight out of mind mentality of our waste. We have a first world opportunity to benefit our future generations with healthy forms of recycled water, and recycled fuel in the form of bio gas.

When it comes down to it,  water is water, so let’s recycled it, and prevent it from being a factor in rising sea levels. We should rebuild more efficiently than Orange County California, after the super storm we’ve faced, and re-use and recharge our aquifers with this available and precious resource. Our leaders say we only have a small window at getting the pipe built, and I hear Mr. Eramo echoing that war drum, and that wasn’t the case with the 20 mile long pipe they proposed two years ago and thankfully failed, and it is not the case this time with their new pipe proposal. They ought to speak with the DEC before coming to our community, and our ecosystem with their wasteful plans.

Any other Long Beach issues you wish to elaborate on?

Mr Eramo supports the Long term long beach comprehensive redevelopment plan. I believe that it’s a gross outrage. This is a concept which doesn’t do a thing for lower class and middle class families currently living in North Park except gentrify the area. This is a $30 million proposal and it doesn’t even cover comprehensive bicycle lanes around Long Beach city. It’s a bad plan in mine, and in many people who I speak with views.

Our communities face five feet of rising sea levels in 35 years, and my opponent has prompted istar. I went to school for architecture before I studied horticulture and sustainable business management, and I still speak with my architect friends. Every architect will tell you ” You never build high rises on the shore line.” There are many factors as to why, but for this topics purposes I’ll simply state carbon footprint and drainage of valuable resources.

To combat climate change you do not increase our carbon footprint! I will  continue to fight this developer as well as the corporate welfare that istar seeks with their future tax abatement application. I have fought hard on Roosevelt’s development proposal,  Haberman and local corruption, and I will continue to fight for regarding the HALB development.

I will say that Mr. Eramo and I do agree on removing common core from NY schools. We agree on wanting to fight for the best medical campus/hospital in Long Beach that addresses heroin and opiate abuse, and addiction with counseling and state of the art treatment.

I propose single payer health care, Mr. Eramo has not stated that. I refuse to accept paying subsidies for Nuclear power. It’s not a clean source of energy. The nuclear power plants already make profits there is no conscionable reason why they should be subsidized let alone receiving grant money as a “clean energy provider” which is ultimately taking money away from solar, wind, and hydro start up companies.

“It depends on who is majority” how we alter taxes, and fund our energy. And I differ with that philosophy completely. These parties and their representative officials elected into office simply do not know yet how to legislate sustainability or how to legislate environmental health.

The national and local platforms of Republicans and Democrats focus so much on their factions and corporate money that they lose sight of what is the defining issue of our time. They tend to lack the awarenesses, education and support to do so or are beholden to corporate interests that fund their campaigns.  We have had four government leaders arrested for rampant ethics violations, funneling money, and energy into scandal after scandal.

Any last words for the voters? 

I’m ready to fight for the middle class, the lower class, college graduates, people on fixed income, and the plants and animals living in our ecosystem that do not have voices but need representation in our assembly district.  I think Mr. Eramo also wants to fight for the all these individuals too, but he simply is going about doing it in a very different way. And as far as Mrs. Miller, I have no clue how she intends to fight for all these individuals because she didn’t make it to a single debate which is a total shame.

I urge voters to vote for the only green party candidate running on November 8th. I will work to take money out of politics by championing real campaign finance reform, moving state away from Nuclear power starting with shutting down Indian Point and improving New York’s economic and environmental health. Vote for someone who is independent and cannot be bought with corporate money -+ Vote Green in November! Election website:

All of the above are the opinions of Joey Naham.  DISCLAIMER: Joey and I are friends. If any other candidate wishes to share their platform on the blog, please contact me.

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