Did our City Manager Jack Schnirman just start his campaign for a Nassau County Executive run?

UPDATE: I just learned it’s not an official announcement, but ‘part of the dialogue of exploratory process.’  

In the past hour I was invited to LIKE a new Facebook Group called Nassau Forward, plus received an email which goes into more detail. These invites came from Long Beach City Manager himself, Jack Schnirman. Is this the beginning of a run for County Executive?

In the email, Jack writes:

“It’s time to get our financial house in order once and for all. And we need to empower you to make an impact in your local community, as only you know how. There’s always plenty of hollow talk by the same people who have been around for years—they’ve had their chance, and they’ve failed us. What we need now are fresh leaders with the knowledge, know-how and experience to make the change we need.”

Well, it sounds like a run to me. Our current executive Ed Mangano has been in office since 2010 and is up for reelection next year. I’m really curious to see where this Nassau Forward is headed.

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