Winter months = dog poop hopscotch

A reader asks:

There is something that I am wondering if you could address on the website. We moved into Long Beach this September; and so far, we are loving it here. The only complaint I have is that it seems that many people are not picking up after their dogs.

HA! Don’t you know it! Welcome to Long Beach! Winter months are the worst. Dog poop hopscotch is the only way to walk our streets. We all know dogs are the innocent ones, It’s just those few owners who are causing all the trouble.

Short of threatening them with a guillotine, I’m not sure what can be done. I can bring up the broken window theory AGAIN, but this issue is not Long Beach-exclusive. I had to do the same dog poop-hopscotch-dance just a few weeks ago in trendy downtown Brooklyn. It’s definitely a New York problem, especially in walkable communities.

If you do catch a perpetrator, call Animal Control. From Long Beach official:

Animal Control issues warnings and summonses to residents violating animal control laws and also answers emergency calls. If you have an animal related emergency, please call the Long Beach Police Department at 431-1800 and press “0” for the operator.  The email is


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