A new ‘THE PARK’ rumor has emerged: A Music Venue? [RUMOR]

My friends over at Project 11561 

I’ve been screaming about a music venue in Long Beach for years [An example from 2011: Somebody please buy this building and turn it into Performing Arts Center / Music Venue].

We do have a great venue space at our public library, but I see that more as a community center.  An actual music venue that sells alcohol and attracts named acts would be amazing. Personally, we have enough sports bars in Long Beach, so I can only pray this rumor comes to fruition.  Buuuuuuuuut:

  1. Is a cabaret license needed in Long Beach? Or is that just a NYC thing.
  2. Along those lines, It just seems like this is a change of use and would require a zoning board vote. I don’t think a music venue with a stage can just pop up out of nowhere. Of course, we don’t know how big this ‘rumored’ stage is or what the actual details are, if any. Or, it could just be a little corner nook  carved out for live music while people drink and eat.
  3. The sign on the window says they are closed for February, Can one build a stage and transform an entire bar into a music venue in just one month?

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