Long Beach is not affected by the recent Cuomo law that blocks the disposable bag fee [At least, not yet.]

A reader named Michael contacted me with the following question regarding the recent Cuomo-blocking of the disposable bag fee in NYC:

“As you probably know, last fall Long Beach passed an ordinance requiring stores to charge 5 cents for plastic bags in order to encourage the use of reusable bags. I believe it was to go into effect on April 22nd.  But this week the State Legislature passed a law and Governor Cuomo signed it, restricting NYC from doing exactly the same thing and descriptions of the law seemed to make it sound pretty sweeping and to apply across the state.

Do you know if the ordinance in the City of Long Beach is still going into effect or what the City plans to do?

But before I was able to do some research and respond,  Michael got back to me with this:

“The law only covers cities over 1 million so LB is ok to go.

Here is my take. NY State will most likely want to make money off these fees. I bet they issue the ban state-wide for every size community, then work out a plan to collect the fees themselves. Just my two cents (or five  cents). 


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