City Council denies boardwalk booze at city-owned concessions

Liability. Drunk people. Overcrowding. Peeing all over the brand new ipe (probably). That’s the gist of the 4-1 vote of NO regarding alcohol sales at our boardwalk concessions. I can see both sides of this, so I won’t slam our council for their decision, but still… Don’t we all love to drink craft beer with our tacos? I feel like something could have been done with lots of rules and regulations attached.

There’s been talk about alcohol being mentioned as a possibility in the lease the boardwalk businesses signed with our city. Last summer I acquired one of the ‘proposed’ leases, but cannot find that claim anywhere. I just see one small mention of alcohol at the bottom of Section 3.7. Unless lease was amended or what I have was never even used, 

Well, I guess if you want alcohol on the boardwalk, you can always go to the full service bar at the Allegria Hotel, or wait for the new developments at the superblock and HALB property. I’m sure those will feature some sort of booze establishment.

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