Insights & Strategies for Homeowner’s & Flood Insurance [EVENT]

Insights & Strategies for Homeowner’s & Flood Insurance
Hosted by LB Community Organizations Active in Disasters – LB COAD

Tuesday, April 4 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Long Beach Public Library
111 W Park Ave, Long Beach, New York 11561
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Knowing the right thing to do with your homeowner’s and flood insurance and when to do it is a necessary part of the never-ending storm recovery story. Making good insurance decisions depends upon accurate information, your personal situation, and your plans for the future.

Too many of us remain overwhelmed and mystified by the bits and pieces of information and opinions we pick up from a bevy of sources. In an effort to do the right thing, we end up under or over insured, paying too much, and as confused as ever.
Here’s a chance to remove the mystery and the mythology of flood and homeowners insurance. Together we will learn:

• Why insuring coastal homes is so challenging and what we can do about it.
• How homeowner’s and flood insurance is priced and why.
• Who needs builder’s risk insurance when elevating and why.
• Strategies for reducing insurance costs without reducing coverage.
• The future of insurance for the South Shore.

Our Speaker: Scott M. Primiano, The Insurance Advocates, Inc.

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