Zoning, development and potential of skinny jeans in North Park [opinion]

Rendering courtesy of the City of Long Beach

Concerning the North Park section of Long Beach. Read this Long Beach Herald article: Long Beach looking to overhaul zoning code.

So our city has this Comprehensive Plan [LINK], specifically to come up with new zoning guidelines. The vote by our city to move forward was postponed due to North Park resident concerns.

“residents concerned about gentrification [AKA Skinny Jeans]

“Residents feel that their voices aren’t being heard,” Marcus Tinker, a member of the Concerned Citizens of North Park, said after the meeting. “We feel that this is going to displace a lot of residents. We’re not against development; we’re against people being displaced.” [LINK]

I feel for the many great people who live in the North Park area. Nobody wants to be displaced or pushed out of their homes by some dude in skinny jeans. Unfortunately it’s an area where guns fire, some are even fatal. It’s a situation that needs to be changed, because status quo just isn’t going to cut it. In my opinion, Shot Spotters just aren’t enough to curb all the violence.

What type of change should there be? I don’t know. I don’t live in that particular neighborhood, so it’s unfair for me to say what the fix is. Of course I’m an opinionated blogger and have some suggestions:

  • Water access . Natures does the body good. That area on the bay is not pretty. [Please see my 2011 post of that area which still hold true today: THE FORBIDDEN ZONE OF LONG BEACH: A PHOTOGRAPHIC JOURNEY]. Cleaning up and bringing better access to the bay would do nothing, but bring positive change. The comprehensive plan includes linking the North Park bay west over the LIRR tracks with a promenade. How could you be against that? Right now with the LIRR, LB BLVD and Stop&Shop, North Park is trapped inside a wall. Let’s open it up. “TEAR DOWN THE WALL” – Pink Floyd
  • Along the lines of water access, a marina could mean jobs. Jobs are good, right?
  • Stop & Shop center needs to be redeveloped. [Again] it’s basically a wall blocking much of North Park from the rest of Long Beach. I dislike that shopping center, so I have no problem getting behind any plan that involves redeveloping it.
  • That Channel Park housing complex needs to be torn down [I’m sorry, but it’s the truth] since it appears to be the main culprit of all the crime [see articles below]. They even have bedbugs.



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