HALB-Development / Zoning Board Meeting. Thoughts, concerns, etc.

I’m hearing there was a packed house at the zoning board meeting last night, the main event being the proposed-towers over at the Hebrew Academy [HALB] property.

Sam Pinto, who attended and spoke, told me the following:

“On the developers side, there were many engineers, finance guys and lawyers present. They made statements about the impact, including Police, Fire and EMS services. When challenged or questioned by the ZBA, The claims were not really substantiated with any relevant facts, data or appropriate studies. There was also a lot of finger pointing by the developer on how some Environmental Impact Studies also were incomplete.

There was a real estate finance guy who claims to know Long Beach because he knows a person who surfs here. He then used comparative listings from out of down developments to back up his case.

Gotta give credit to the residents who remained for the whole meeting. The group Long Beach Neighbors against Over-development, on the other hand, came prepared with team including real estate experts, planning experts, two former city managers, Legislator Denise Ford, Senator Todd Kaminsky, as well as many concerned neighbors.

The ZBA did a good job asking the real questions and demanding real answers. The applicant was up there for about three hours. While there was a packed house on onset, the time and stalling thinned out the crowd. There were still speakers way past 1am.”

 Looking at the above image, those towers look much larger than the red brick building standing to the west, which is pretty tall to begin with! I’m not liking the giant walls along the boardwalk, plus that upper level patio which looks down on the boards. It just seems very cold and uncomfortable.  Anybody else go last night? Please chime in!


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