Through the camera eye: Welcome to Long Beach Future.

Welcome to Long Beach future. It’s a great beach day, but what to wear? That bathing suit you bought yesterday is sooooooo yesterday. Luckily your Amazon Echo Look takes a scan of your body and suggests a neon glow-in-the-dark leopard-printed rhinestone thong, which immediately gets added to your cart. Buy item with 1-click. Ten minutes later an Amazon drone delivers, dropping it down your chimney Santa Claus-style. Before you don your trendy new outfit, you sit on the toilet, do a little poop while the (soon to be announced) Amazon Echo Toilet Look analyzes your stool. A quick diagnosis tells you to add more probiotics to your diet. Your Amazon cart gets updated with the most popular and trendy brand. Time to get some fresh air  (‘Amazon Fresh Air’ patent pending). Checking out the local surf cams, you see one foot waves which are perfect for your Segway-brand gyroscope balancing long board (patent pending).  As your autonomous vehicle escorts you to the beach, you get to sit back, relax and upload some selfies to your favorite anti-social wasteland. License plate readers will make sure you’re not MS-13, MS-14 or Napoleon Bonaparte. Of course your robot car speeds through the school zone – no cameras there! Ahhhh the boardwalk. Time to relax. Time to let go of technology. Time to unwind and unplug. Hey, what the hell is that thing watching me?

CBS: Surveillance Cameras Will Soon Be Installed Along Long Beach Boardwalk

I was thinking about this. Do we cry over privacy issues? Na, it’s 2017. The majority of us don’t care anymore. Just leave the skateboarders and rollerbladers alone. 

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