Thank you Long Beach Herald for including SBTC in the Long Beach Guide. Attention new visitors: I’m really sorry you decided to give this blog a visit.

Every year the Long Beach Herald produces the Long Beach Guide, which is a well put together magazine of all things Long Beach. There you’ll find information on our beach, parks, event, activities, important numbers, local businesses, etc. It’s seriously great. I’m pretty sure every household gets a copy. Our City by the Sea has a plethora of social media groups and blogs, so I’m incredibly grateful to see included in the social media section of the guide. It seriously means a lot to me. 

That being said…….(and I feel like this happens way too often). Whenever gets mentioned anywhere, it’s always at a time when an absolutely ridiculous post graces the front page (See: Through the camera eye: Welcome to Long Beach Future).

For those who saw the blog mention in the Long Beach Guide and made the effort to give us a visit, Thank you, but I’m deeply sorry. There are a lot of dots to connect and it might be a far stretch, but I swear that toilet image of a fake product has something to do with Long Beach. At least in my twisted world it does.

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