Rumor Alert: The LB DOMS BOARD OF DIRECTORS is considering running their own slate for City Council.

Three seats will be up for grabs this November for Long Beach City Council. It’s just June and already the battle is heating up. Last week we saw the Long Beach Republicans announce their three candidates (see – Did the LB Republicans just announce their candidates for next election?). The incumbent Democrats, on the other hand – things aren’t quite so simple, at least that’s what I got from this LB Herald article:

“Local Democrats are now split between two camps — the Long Beach Democratic Committee and the Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach — and political insiders say that party leaders are trying to avoid a primary but have yet to agree on a slate. [LINK]

So how about an independent slate? I overheard a heated conversation at a local eatery regarding just that. These folks were the LB DOMS, a local group of movers and shakers who seemed quite serious about creating an alternative slate of candidates for City Council:

“We are looking for candidates who are dedicated to creating a quality of life second to none for Long Beach residents. One of our many  goals is for Long Beach to be featured in Money Magazine as the #1 place to live in the USA. We are tired of political hacks and party bosses making decisions that feather their own nests at our expense, while they refuse to repair our broken streets and leave our downtown looking worn and wearing.

It sounds like they mean business. Stay tuned!



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