This greasy situation is apparently the norm around here….

Regarding my post from the other day: Not to be a buzz kill, but I thought food vendors now have to put tarps under their trucks/carts while on the boardwalk

A reader sent in these photos with the suggestion: “Maybe the city should paint bike lanes with the grease.”

Long Beach will always have that crappy side to it. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love living here. I would not want to live anywhere else in the NY- metropolitan area, but Long Beach will never be pretty. It boggles my mind how tarps under food trucks aren’t enforced. I walk down Park Avenue where businesses are being charged a fee on their tax bills for sidewalk cleaning. I haven’t seen any improvement. Have you? I see empty flower pots with weeds, broken bike racks, brand new curbs that are busted from snow plows (they use granite in many areas upstate and manhattan), brand new garbage receptacles that are completely rusted and filthy as hell. It all comes across as if nobody cares at all. It’s no wonder why people leave their dog poop and blue Bud Lite beer cans all over the place. SEE: Broken Windows Theory.

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