NEWSDAY: Long Beach Democrats divided over city council candidates

As always, please head over to Newsday for the full article:

The city’s Democratic Party is split between the new group and the original Independent Democratic Party, which has aligned with [Jay] Jacobs and Nassau County Democrats.

Jacobs said he is not supporting any of the new candidates and is instead using the Nassau County Democratic Committee’s campaign resources for a ticket led by Long Beach City Council members Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond. He has not committed to a third candidate to replace City Council President Len Torres, who is not seeking re-election. [LINK]

That’s odd. I was told yesterday after I posted my first Election Bracket change how there’s only group of democrat candidates and there will be no primary whatsoever. That’s not what I’m reading in NEWDAY this morning. The whole thing is a mess. Is it about power? You betcha! Is it about Nassau County wanting control over Long Beach?

“This has to be about what’s good for Long Beach.” [LINK]

What’s good for Long Beach or Nassau County? Of course, this is just an opinionated blog. I’m so curious to see how many more changes we will see on this bracket before November comes.



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