Wooden boards. I’m liking this new store facade that’s been popping up around town.

I guess it started with Pier 1 Imports, then Bikram Yoga did the same when they moved. Now a new hair salon on Park is doing it as well as LB Social. I am talking about wooden boards being used for the facade and signage (see photos below). I really like it. Probably because it reminds me of the boardwalk or perhaps it seems kinda beachy. And ya know, we kinda live by the beach, so it just makes sense to me at least for our downtown to have some sort of beachy motif. Right? Or am I nuts to think that way? I personally dislike canopy signs because they always end up looking so dirty and junky over time. What do you folks think? Am I alone with this? I would love it if other stores follow!

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