Greased lightning strikes the boardwalk

So I gave it a few days to see aftermath of greasy-food truck apocalypse [see: I’ll write more about this later. In the meantime, enjoy the images.]

I think it’s time we stop putting these dumb food trucks with their crappy food on the boardwalk during the festivals. It baffles my mind why they’re there in the first place. They have shitty food. They’re taking MAJOR business away from the other food establishments around town (in our downtowns, boardwalk concessions who have leases with LB,  plus locally-owned food trucks). I seriously feel bad for the operators of all those businesses how they have to deal with this.

I’m really not even sure what  to say. The images speak for themselves. If our city really cared, they’d ban all food trucks from our 44 million dollar boardwalk. I am convinced they don’t care at all because they already know this is an issue.  [Search the blog for similar posts about this last year and how somebody failed to powerwash the stains off.] This is an absolute disgrace.

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