Long Beach News: July 17th Edition [it’s like déjà vu all over again]

News: LB and the vicinity 

Very old news: It’s like déjà vu all over again.


I wish a speedy recovery to the victims. We will all be praying for you!!

Last summer my wife was absolutely screaming at an officer who was speeding on the beach in one of these giant pickup trucks. He was also driving very close to the lifeguard mounds which have blind spots. There where little kids playing and running  around in the area. His destination didn’t seem urgent, as I watched him stop at the next beach over to talk to somebody he probably knew. I actually have a VIDEO of this ENTIRE EVENT somewhere WHICH I CAN PRODUCE, if need be. [update, the reason why I won’t post it is because it has my wife, who wishes to remain anonymous].

Tomorrow’s City Council Agenda has the following: “Resolution Authorizing the City Manager to Purchase Two All-Terrain Vehicles for the City’s Lifeguard Patrol and Two All-Terrain Vehicles for the City’s Police Department.”

It makes me wonder if we’ll see more of these smaller sized vehicles on the beach in the future. The Boardwalk as well. We obviously need police patrol and protection, but small has to be the way to go with vehicles. I can imagine being so disconnected to my surroundings driving around in a big truck in a densely populated area. Isn’t that why they have horse mounted officers in NYC? It’s not because it’s quaint.

Long Beach Events:

  • City Council Meeting: July 18th @ 7pm. City Hall, 1 West Chester St., Long Beach, New York 11561. [Agenda]
  • Movies on the Beach (Subject to change): 

July 22nd: JAWS – Edwards Blvd, 8pm.
Aug 5th: SING – Riverside Blvd, 7:45pm.
Aug 19th: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – Grand Blvd, 7:30pm.
Sept 2nd: MOANA – Edwards Blvd, 7:15pm

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