T-Mobile on tonight’s agenda.

I posted it as a rumor almost a month ago [see: Rumor Alert: Is a T-Mobile going to occupy part of the old long beach craft & variety store?]. ANNNNNND it’s mentioned on tonight’s City Council Agenda. Yep. T-Mobile is going to occupy some of that Craft & Variety space.

WHEREAS, there has been presented to this Council an application pursuant to Section 9-112(18)(c) of Appendix A (Zoning Law) of the Long Beach Code of Ordinances, for waiver of off-street parking requirements for the premises located at 50 West Park Avenue (street floor), Long Beach, New York (Section 59, Block 84, Lot 13) between Edwards and National Boulevards, having frontage of less than 20 feet, on behalf of the owner Delmar Realty Co., Inc., 1185 Sixth Avenue, New York, New York 10036 be used as a Retail T-Mobile Store; [LINK]

And as my friend Richard Boodman, who hangs out at Gentle Brew every morning, points out: “Frontage of 20 feet. That’s less than half the frontage.” What to do with the rest of that space? Perhaps they can put another cell phone store? Or a nail salon? Or sushi buffet? Foot spa, anyone? How about FEET spa? They make all your feet happy!