Long Beach Democrats, “Why are you guys being sued?” [OPINION]

Just a small disclaimer here. I’ve known Joe Miccio for years. Joe, who is running for City Council, was named on this petition, where as of now has to make a Supreme Court appearance this Wednesday, August 2nd.  

I asked Joe “Why are you guys being sued?

Hi Anthony,

In response to your question:

In order for candidates to run in the Democratic Primary for Long Beach City Council, 500 signatures are required to be collected from Long Beach residents. Runnie Myles, Joe Miccio, Barbara Bernardino and their volunteer supporters collected almost 1300 signatures. Nassau County Democratic Party boss Jay Jacobs—who lives in Oyster Bay—hired numerous out-of-town signature collectors to flood Long Beach. Just over 1000 signatures were collected for his candidates, not the Long Beach Democratic Committee chosen candidates (Runnie, Joe and Barbara).

Jacobs’ signature collection form enumerated the entire Nassau County Democratic slate running for various offices throughout Nassau County. Buried in the small print, which listed all 33 candidates and 9 alternate committee appointees, were the candidates for Long Beach City Council that Jay Jacobs hand-picked. However, the three LB City Council candidates who were elected at the Nassau County Democratic Convention on May 31st (Runnie, Joe & Barbara) were not listed on the form. In their place were Jay Jacobs’ hand-picked candidates, which is why Runnie, Joe, Barbara and their friends had to collect signatures on their own in a David versus Goliath contest.

Jay Jacobs apparently did not like the results. In response, his preferred candidates (current LB City Councilpersons Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond) and Darlene Tangney (LB School Board Trustee) used the Harris Beach law firm to file a petition in NYS Supreme Court against Runnie, Joe, Barbara and the two Commissioners of the Nassau County Board of Elections, claiming among other things, that the signatures were fraudulent. Interestingly, Harris Beach is the same law firm that is employed by the City of Long Beach and also the Long Beach School District.

I’ve attached the letter I received from the Nassau County Board of Elections confirming that I am a candidate on the September 12th Primary Day ballot (my running mates also received the same letter), the cover sheet that Scott Mandel, Chumi Diamond and Darlene Tangney filed with the Supreme Court against us and the LB residents’ signatures, and one of the signature forms used by Jacobs’ people to collect LB resident signatures. Feel free to post these documents and my entire email for reference regarding the above narrative.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you or your readers have any questions, or if you would like to see the entire one-inch thick court document stack filed by Jay Jacobs’ candidates with the Supreme Court. Thank you for covering such an important matter to all residents of Long Beach!

Joseph A. Miccio
Democratic Candidate for Long Beach City Council
ATTACHMENT: Board of Election Case (PDF)

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