A Proposal: BBQ park by the bay?

“I am in Long Beach resident who lives in a co-op building does not allow barbecues. I called parks and recreation today to see if there are any public barbecues in the city. They said no. It would seem to make sense to have some that the public could use because I am pretty sure that there are other buildings that do not allow barbecues. Since you have many followers who live in Long Beach I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind making a post about this? Thanks so much.”

I love this idea. There are plenty of parks around Long Island where you can do this, but none in Long Beach.  It could be added revenue for our city. Bay Park in East Rockaway is an example of this for Nassau County. I went to a party there a few years ago and it was really nice!

So, I took the following photo in Poughkeepsie, NY. Picnic tables and BBQ between two bridges.  

We have some empty land between the two bridges in Long Beach, but it’s an area that desperately needs to be cleaned up. It could be a great picnic area! Plant some shady trees, add grass, picnic tables and BBQs and away we go! Any thoughts?

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