More information on the Supreme Court Case Filed Against LB Candidates & Board of Elections

The following was sent to my by Joe Miccio, who is running for City Council this upcoming election and also one of the named on the following petition, which I am posting in its entirety. The document is a PDF, so you might have better luck viewing it on a computer rather than a mobile phone or table.

Here it is: Supreme Court Challenge Against Signatures

Hello Anthony,

See attached copy of signatures challenge. The original filing includes all the signature sheet copies they are challenging, too, which are not attached (almost an inch thick file). We appeared before Judge Brown at Supreme Court on this past Wednesday, and right after that we saw assistants in Judge Palmeiri’s court room to address procedural matters, because Judge Palmeiri was not in that morning.

We received the word the next evening regarding a recusal and Westchester judge/venue change. The judge recused himself and any other judges from Nassau County due to the conflicts of interest that we raised: both candidates, Mandel & Diamond, signed the challenge, and they work for judges in Nassau County, among other possible conflicts. A judge from Westchester will be coming into NC to handle the case. Next court date is scheduled for August 10 at NC Supreme Court.



PS—John Bendo did not sign the challenge.