Supplemental material for my earlier LONG BEACH “NEWS” post.

  • UPDATE [opinion, rumors, news –  you decide] from Joe Miccio regarding the petition against LB DEMS and Board of Elections: “As I wrote to you yesterday, Judge Palmeiri recused himself and moved the venue to a Westchester judge. However, I was just informed by our attorney that Judge McCormack, Nassau County, brought it back to NC Supreme Court and is taking the case. He is a Democrat. Suspicious circumstances, we feel, considering that Jay Jacobs’ job is to help Democrat judge candidates get elected. We will be objecting tomorrow and requesting a recusal and venue change. Our attorney says the case begins at 10:30am at NC Supreme Court. Also, George Maragos, a Democrat candidate for County Executive, may be speaking there tomorrow at 10am regarding Jay Jacobs challenges to resident signatures. I spoke with one of his assistants and I’m waiting for a call back to confirm.” 
  • CHECK YOUR WATER CONTAMINATES! Some of you might remember my April Fools post when I made this fake advertisement for Long Beach:Rusty water is a on the minds of many of our residents. Just yesterday the City of Long Beach posted on facebook the following: “The Water Plant continues taking lead samples this week; to date all samples have met safe drinking water standards.”  But that doesn’t suffice with most residents. A reader named Steve sent in the following: ​“I found this sight that lets people find how many Contaminates are in the tap water. [LINK].” I don’t know what most of the info means, but perhaps someone out there does.
  • Check out the listing for 50 West Park Avenue [link]. I love it when these listings show nearby franchises, but not the local tenants who really matter.
  • LOST KEYS! Sent in by a person named Johnathan. if you found his keys, contact me and I will get it to him. “The other day I was jogging on the boardwalk and somehow my expensive pair keys fell out of my pocket.i was wondering if you post on your blog.” Johnathan thinks they might be near the food trucks.
  • Also, this: 

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