Long Beach Update: August 15th Edition

Long Beach & Nassau County News:

  • “Long Beach schools chief David Weiss leaving for new post”[NEWSDAY]
  • Officials, like the one mentioned in the previous article, want the speed limit on Lido blvd to be 30mph. I’m totally fine with this, but the stoplight timing is terrible. Rush hour waiting at almost every red light creates lots of impatient drivers attempting to fly through them all. It is a six lane highway. They should have brought it down to at least five with a bike lane and wider sidewalks. Leave three lanes for evacuation & two lanes going west. With properly timed lights, there would be no traffic with a lane reduction. Buuuut they just spent a fortune not too long ago ‘fixing’ all this….  TOO LATE NOW! [NEWSDAY]
  • NASSAU COUNTY: I love this article in [NEWSDAY]. Nassau Hub is outdated. NO S**** SHERLOCK! That entire area is a complete mess that is designed to create nothing, but more traffic. They could have had something special. My favorite quote is the following: “The existing plan is nothing more than a 20th century office park,” said Ann Golob, director of the Long Island Index, a Garden City-based group led by civic, academic, labor and business leaders which produces nonpartisan reports on housing, employment, transportation and the environment. “And that doesn’t make sense in the 21st century.” 
  • NASSAU COUNTY: While we are on the topic of Nassau County, my opinion above also includes the Roosevelt Racetrack area, where they are building this fancy Vanderbilt building that has lovely views of Lowe’s Home Improvement, Target and a giant water tower. The stupid mall is down the block and these residents won’t even be able to walk to it! Just look at this place: vanderbiltlongisland.com
  • Island Park comes in third when it comes to herion arrests in Nassau County [LB HERALD]
  • Long Beach get a $250k State Grant for some cool stuff. Just please by the right bike racks that will last a very long time. None of this cheap blue stuff that breaks and rusts.  [LB Patch]

Resident’s Corner:

(A new category! If you have a question, concern, comment that you’d like posted on this blog, please contact me. )

  • From a resident named Whitney: “I have a situation and  I didn’t know who else to ask for help. There are two big pile of rocks that have been in the handicap spot on broadway and New York for over 3 months and I reported it to Long Beach app with a photo 2 weeks ago And it says they haven’t even opened the request.  How do I get these rocks removed?!? As we know handicap parking is already limited in LB.thank you in advance for your help.
  • From Richard Boodman: “8 points, Illegal U, Wrong side of the road, Running a red light – On Broadway all day. We can replace the broken streets with the revenue.”
  • Also from Richard Boodman: “Mushrooms. Growing on the median below the  dog waste bag holder on Monroe and Olive.” 

Long Beach Events:

(there are way too many things going on to Long Beach, so sorry if I am missing something when it comes to events. If you have one you’d like added, please contact me.)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

Aug 19th: ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW – Grand Blvd, 7:30pm
Sept 2nd: MOANA – Edwards Blvd, 7:15pm

—August Events—

  • Pigment Removal Class hosted by Susan Patashny (August 16th). [PLEASE NOTE: An advanced trainer needs models for a tattoo removal training. If you have permanent make up or a small body tattoo you are not happy with please contact Susan (516)889-3962.]
  • Bayfront Celebration (August 19th, 4pm – 10pm) [LINK]
  • The Lemonade Pedal: Bike-Ped Fair & Tour de Lemonade Stand (August 25th, 10am – 1pm) [link]

  • Zumba Fundraiser (August 26th, 4pm at the Long Beach VFW) 

—September Events—

  • (pending) Democratic Primary- election 2017 (September 12th)
  • NY Fit Fest (September 17th) [link


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