More on that ‘No Democratic Primary’ stuff [OPINIONS, OF COURSE]

“Nassau Supreme Court Justice James P. McCormack granted the order to invalidate the petition Wednesday after the challenger ticket conceded that for technical reasons, such as incorrect addresses, names and filing dates, they would not have enough signatures to meet the 641-name requirement set by the Nassau County Board of Elections.”

Newsday: Long Beach Dems win suit after challengers concede

It is what it is. I have no comment on the outcome because I didn’t see the signatures, I wasn’t there. I don’t know the facts of this particular case. I do know that if you want to be elected for City Council this November, you will have to earn it. The social media, the blogs, the people are paying attention. You have to convince us that you are the right person for the job. You have to convince us that you want to be on The Long Beach City Council for the benefit of Long Beach, not Nassau County. Not to seek a higher office. Not to hand out patronage jobs. You have to convince us you are the right person for Long Beach AND you have to act on it. This will be a people’s election.

My next article will probably be my Long Beach manifesto and why we need change.

Oh, that article also failed to mention the Green Party candidates of Joey Naham and Allison Blanchette. Here is the updated bracket:

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