City Council Candidate John Bendo cites “conflict of interest” regarding new Zoning Board Member [Opinions]. (And this is why you should vote for John Bendo this November.)

Taken from: PROCEEDINGS OF THE CITY COUNCIL CITY OF LONG BEACH MEETING OF AUGUST 15, 2017. (Click on image for link to the document.)

Residents are questioning the city’s new appointment for the zoning board. At the August 15th City Council Meeting, John Bendo, who is running for City Council this November, points out how Erica Rechner, one of the new appointees, is a director of Opportunities Long Island, a construction union lobbyist. Bendo told council, “The motivation for starting Opportunities Long Island was securing work for unions on large development projects. That was the quote of their founders.” Bendo adds, “Having somebody tied to securing large development projects on our zoning board would be a conflict of interest.” You should watch the video right here:
On a personal note, this is why John Bendo is getting my vote this November. He should get yours as well.  In that video posted above, Bendo asked his actual running mates a direct question regarding the city’s decision making process regarding this ZBA appointee. This just shows you how John Bendo would run the city for us, not for the party and not for special interests.

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