Long Beach Update: August 22nd Edition


At first I didn’t think I filmed the eclipse, but I did! This is from an iphone on a tripod with timelapse for 15  minutes. That bright stuff is lens flare.

Didn’t get the eclipse, but I did get some sky movement

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Long Beach & Vicinity News, Rumors, Opinions:

  • I’m hearing that Jonah Hill and Emma Stone are filming in Oceanside for a Netflix series called Maniac.
  • Cops and robbers [NEWSDAY]
  • DuMont’s Modern America Buffet & Sushi, which has seafood and sushi and sushi  just posted a sign with their hours. Like the larger sign says, they are open for lunch and dinner. (Thank you, Richard for the photo)

Resident’s Corner:

( If you have a question, concern, comment that you’d like posted on this blog, please contact me. )

  • A followup to a post from last week:
    “Just wanted to let you know that the rocks have been removed from the handicap parking spots! Thank you so much for posting my email..power of the blog! Haha  Have a great rest of the summer! -Whitney”
  • From Richard Boodman: “Filthy sidewalksMy choice for dirtiest block is the south side of East Park Ave between Riverside and Edwards Blvd. Super Pollo 18 E.Park Ave, Los Latinos 24 E.Park Ave, The Cuban. 26 .E.Park Ave, La Bottega.  36 E.Park Ave. The filth is from the leaking food containers. The sidewalks are stained.
    Power washing and serious scrubbing is needed.”
  • Anther resident is concerned over the leaking showers on the boardwalk ramps:

EMAIL: I know that you are righteously concerned about city water use. I have noticed that the beach shower at the base of the Lincoln ramp is often dribbling when it is not in use. Sometimes it is even wasting water at more than a dribble. Jiggling the handle stops the water waste, but most users just release the handle and walk away. Maybe a bit of maintenance/ lubrication would do the trick. Maybe this is happening at other showers.

ANSWER FROM PUBLIC WORKS: Thanks for your email. Unfortunately sand and shower fixtures are not compatible.When the slightest bit of sand gets in the automatic faucet they clog in the open position.  The auto faucets are still better then manual which people would leave on all the time. Our beach staff cleans them as they become issues and we are trying some different type of auto faucets to see if there is a better one out there – Commissioner of Public Works

Long Beach Events:

(there are way too many things going on to Long Beach, so sorry if I am missing something when it comes to events. If you have one you’d like added, please contact me.)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

—August Events—

  • The Lemonade Pedal: Bike-Ped Fair & Tour de Lemonade Stand (August 25th, 10am – 1pm) [link]

  • Zumba Fundraiser (August 26th, 4pm at the Long Beach VFW) 

—September Events—

  • NY Fit Fest (September 17th) [link


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