Long Beach Update: August 25th Edition [A slow blog week for me]

Long Beach & Vicinity News/Rumors/Opinions:   

  • Regarding that fake store in Oceanside that sells Gorilla meat, I reported that Netflix show that’s being filmed is called ‘Maniac,’ Newday says that was the original name, it’s now called ‘Ronald.’  [SEABYTHECITY] [NEWSDAY]
  • Long Beach City Council Candidate John Bendo speaks the truth when he says Long Beach shouldn’t screw up free lunch [Army Corp needs to continue working]. I posted a similar opinion a few weeks ago. Let them finish. We can deal with it. This project is too important to delay. [LB HERALD]
  • Last, but not least. The Verge is reporting how drones are going to deliver hamburgers and beer in Iceland [VERGE]. I was once an advocate of drone delivery for our beach [SBTC]. I don’t know now. First of all, wow, would that be annoying having these hovering over our heads all day. But what happens if the artificial intelligence of these flying devices get to the point where we have to start worrying about them turning against us? I think it’s imperative for our City Manager and City Council to immediately enforce the Three Laws of the Robotics, as outlined by science fiction author Isaac Asimov. These laws should be applied to all drones usage within our city limits. You can laugh about it now, but don’t come running to me when pizza drones start attacking.

Long Beach Events:

(there are way too many things going on to Long Beach, so sorry if I am missing something when it comes to events. If you have one you’d like added, please contact me.)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

—August Events—

  • 2017 New York to California Bike Tour, hosted by Shines! (Saturday 3pm to 3:05pm) [event info].
  • Long Beach Historical Society Arts & Crafts Fair [Saturday & Sunday on the boardwalk [event info].
  • Zumba Fundraiser (August 26th, 4pm at the Long Beach VFW) 

—September Events—

  • NY Fit Fest (September 17th) [link


Blog News:


Hi, my name is Anthony. It’s been a slow blog week.

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