Thank You, From Joe Miccio

I was asked to share the following letter from Joe Miccio, former-Long Beach City Council Candidate:

To my Long Beach friends,

I thought you’d like to read this letter to the editor (see below), published this week in the LB Herald. So many local people came in to testify. The opposition witness recanted her testimony. As a result of the truth being exposed, the opposition stopped the proceedings. All allegations were proven not to be true.

It was a horrible experience having my good name dragged through the mud, until so many good citizens came to the rescue.

I was extra concerned in the beginning of this trial, as anyone would have, once I learned the following: The law clerk who works with the judge’s wife (also a judge) is Scott Mandel (the opposition). Chumi Diamond (also the opposition) is the law clerk for a judge who works in the Supreme Court building with the judge on this case. The law clerk of the judge on this case donated money to Diamond’s campaign. Two other democrat judges recused themselves before this judge (also a democrat) took the case. These are only some of the conflicts we raised.

To the judge’s credit, he enumerated all the above at the trial, and added that he is an impartial person and that these relationships would not affect his ability to make a fair decision. I’ll take his word on that. But with all due respect to the judge, it did, at a minimum, create the appearance of a conflict of interests.

Thank you again everyone, for your good wishes, kind notes and continued support throughout this nightmare!

Joe Miccio

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