Long Beach Update: September 8th Edition

Long Beach & vicinity news/rumors/opinions:

  • Read about the Kramer family & volunteers kicking major major major ass with their hard work and donations for Harvey victims [LB HERALD]
  • Speaking of hurricanes, IRMA’s path is still unknown. Here is your best source of information: [www.nhc.noaa.gov]
  • Speaking of hurricanes, City Of Long Beach New York Fire Department is posting updates on IRMA on their facebook page [FACEBOOK]
  • I wish Long Beach did this: Patchogue bans window border lights in downtown businesses [NEWSDAY]
  • I heard some car drove off the Long Beach Bridge yesterday. The last thing I want to do is pressure myself to post all these ambulance chasing stories, so I have no idea how this panned out. I did hear a lot of sirens though. Nope. That did not happen. False Alarm. 

Election 2017:

  • Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [SEABYTHECITY]
  • How about the other candidates? I’m working on it.

Resident’s Corner:

  • A painted fire hydrant on Monroe Blvd. Should we start a campaign to paint all of them funky colors? 
  • From Richard Boodman, CEO of the LB DOMS: “Committee beginning project renewal.Former famous LB artist and occasional fashion designer ( Herald July 2003) Ron La Bear is volunteering his creative genius. This is just the primer.” [This is in front of healing Oasis. If you see the artist, tell him Seabythecity sent ya.]
  • This next photo was sent in by a resident, who said, “this could explain some flooding issues on Park Avenue.” She took this photo near Baskin Robins. 

Long Beach Events:

(I know I’m missing a lot. Please contact me)

—Weekly and throughout the summer—

—September Events—

  • Shabbat on the Beach (September 8th, 6:30pm at Long Beach Blvd Beach) [link]
  • The Michelle O’Neill Foundation to Benefit Children with Cancer and Special Needs Volleyball XXI Fundraiser – Laurelton Beach, Long Beach NY September 9, 2017 [monfoundation.org]
  • 15th annual Long Beach Jazz Festival, Sept 14-17, at the Library and other venues. [More info at  ]
  • NY Fit Fest (September 17th) [link
  • Long Beach Oyster & Music Fest (Saturday, September 23rd at Long Beach Catholic Regional School. [info


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