Long Beach Update: October 11th Edition [Something for everybody]

Long Beach News, opinions, rumors and other junk:

  •  A car crashed into the East School playground. This is my biggest nightmare. Thankfully no kids were there. I have no idea what this actual situation was, but the driving in this city has gotten out of hand. I’m at the point where I’m scared to even walk on the sidewalks  [LB Patch].
  • Drug Bust by the Sea [LB Herald]
  • Tony Danza talks about his Long Island roots, including his time in Long Beach [No Place Like Long Island]
  • “Army Corps looks to protect city’s north side” [LB Herald]
  • The Speed Limit on Lido Blvd drops from 40 to 30. I personally don’t think it will do anything. I’m sorry, but it’s already 20mph by the school where I see cars doing 60. [NEWSDAY]
  • I’m hoping this $4.5 Million dollar Wastewater Grant doesn’t go to waste [NEWSDAY]

Election 2017:

  • Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  • Meet Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  • Meet John Bendo, Democratic Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  • Meet Christopher Jones, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  • Meet William Haas, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  • I just found out Runnie Myles is still running as a write-in.  So now we are waiting for Runnie Myles, Allison BlanchetteScott Mandel & Chumi Diamond. Election day is November 7th, so we still have some time. I have a feeling we’re going to see some surprises this election. Well, this is based on what people have been telling me on who they plan to vote for. I’ll say this: Don’t take things for granted. See what happened to Hillary? So yeah, I really hope the other candidates send in their answers. I did send the questions to everybody.

Resident’s Corner: 

  • The sign guy on Monroe and Olive at it again. Here are his latest masterpieces: (disclaimer: I was part of the conversation when it came to designing these signs. I will say that I am not a fan of party bosses controlling our city.)
  • A ferry service between Freeport and Long Beach? This came in from a resident named Tim. What do you folks think?
    In a recent County Executive debate, Laura Curran brought up the idea of the county funding a potential  Freeport/LB Ferry:
    “I was thinking it would be great to have a ferry going from Long Beach to Freeport as either for commuters, or socializers for nightlife, because those are two places where young people like to go so I think it would be, I think, a great investment that would actually pay off.”
    I thought it was an interesting statement that got no press coverage but might warrant some discussion in our neighborhood.
  • How about this telephone pole on Oceanview? A reader adds: “I Don’t see how that telephone pole can be safe under high winds.” Yeah, this is crazy. What’s the thought process behind this? PSEG, can you explain yourself? 
  • Paul Jackson, author of Scoundrels by the Sea sent  this in. Some interesting info on what you can find in his book. If you plan on buying the book from Amazon, please use my referral link: Scoundrels By The Sea 


Long Beach Events:

—Weekly —

—October Events—

  • Ocean Frontiers 3 -Long Beach Screening, hosted by All Our Energy. October 19th, 6:30pm at the Long Beach Library [INFO]
  • Irish Day Parade. It starts at  Washington Boulevard and West Beech Street at 11am,  Saturday, October 7th.
  • Fall Festival. October 14th and 15th. Kennedy Plaza [INFO]
  • Fundraiser for Rincon, Puerto Rico
  • Meet The Candidates Forum:

—November Events—

  • Election day [November 7th]. Buy popcorn.

—January 2018 Events—

  • Anthony’s Birthday

—July 2018 Events—

  • Seabythecity.com will be 10 years old on July 2nd, 2018

—September 2018 Events—

  • September 18th is Hug-a-Blogger day. (I’m trying to turn this into a thing)


Basement Blogging:


Howdy, folks! It’s been a slow month for seabythecity. I know.

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