Please don’t vote for Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond this November 7th [MY Opinion]

UPDATE:  The moderator at the Civic Forum was completely impartial, has no party affiliation. neither lives nor votes in Long Beach and is the president of the Point Lookout Civic Association.  Furthermore, none of the Civics have officially endorsed any candidate. This includes the Latino Civic and Beach to Bay.  I have no idea if the live stream was an issue, but being that this is about public officials having statements being public, the streaming video should not be an issue, as far as i’m concerned. The Woman’s League of Voter’s forum on October 30th really should have a live stream.

This is regarding why the incumbents Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond didn’t show up at the Civic Forum on Monday night.  At the City Council meeting the next day, a resident asked that exact question, saying their no-show was “extremely disrespectful to the five organizations from this community that represent a lot of people in this community.” Scott Mandel said he was initially excited to attend the forum, but the “rules were constantly influx.” Then he added that it was “not a proper forum.” Chumi Diamond responded by saying it wasn’t appropriate for her to participate in.

What does any of that really mean? Were the questions not being monitored enough for them? I desperately try to remain as independent as I can with this blog. It’s just too hard due to the current political nature of our city by the sea. Monday’s forum was amazing in so many ways. The Civics did a wonderful job because it was a forum by the people for the people. I respect all the candidates who did show up. To me it shows they really care about our community, regardless of whatever issues there apparently were.  This is about Long Beach, not rules and technicalities. You show up because you have to.

I personally believe the incumbents didn’t show up because they have too much to lose if they did. I get it. The entire night would be all about fixing what the current admin broke. Who wants to subject themselves to that? But guess what? The League of Woman’s Voters forum SHOULD go the same way as the civic. There needs to be tough questions or the entire thing is a sham.

The incumbents ignored my email regarding my MEET THE CANDIDATE questions, which six out of nine candidates already gracefully answered.  I assume they got my email. I used the email  addresses straight from the city website. If they didn’t get it, then I apologize. Now is their chance to answer them!! (we still have a few weeks left!)

I sent those questions out as a platform for candidates to introduce themselves to the voters. I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO  KNOW if Mandel and Diamond plan on serving their entire term on City Council if they’re elected, or what their hiring process would be if hiring new city manager is in order. Or what they think of the current zoning laws. Wouldn’t you? I certainly hope many of you write these types of questions on the question cards for the League of Woman’s Voters forum.] on October 30th.

The Civic forum was absolutely a proper forum for the free exchange of ideas.  A lot of residents showed up. The room was packed. Why? Because we are frustrated.  NEWS FLASH: So many people I speak to plan on voting for a change this November.  Even Sign Guy on Monroe and E. Olive, who used to be a major cheerleader for the current admin JUST LOOK AT HIS SIGNS: 

Now is not the time to take party affiliation for granted. I believe there is going to be more mixing than matching when it comes to party lines and voting this election. We live in a different political landscape than we did the last City Council election (although no Russians offered to buy up any ad space on this blog.) I personally feel it’s complete arrogance to not show up to any forum. If you can, you do it.  You show up because you care about the community. You show up because you respect the civics and everybody in attendance. You show up because you respect the position you are in as an elected official (even if you were appointed and not really elected). This is party politics at it’s best, which is not good for Long Beach. Look at the signs in those photos. PUT OUR CITY BEFORE PARTY BOSSES.  Don’t even get me started on that lawsuit that knocked out those  three democrats in August…… This is why I am asking Long Beach to please vote Mandel and Chumi out.

(I get it. I’m all over the place here. Blame Project 11561 for getting me started haha)

ATTENTION PEOPLE OF LONG BEACH: There are many choices this November 7th. Do your homework. Read these Q&A’s posted below. Attend the next forum on October 30th. If you missed the Civic Forum, you can watch a stream of it here. [LINK]

  1. Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  2. Meet Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  3. Meet John Bendo, Democratic  Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  4. Meet Christopher Jones, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  5. Meet William Haas, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  6.  Meet Runnie Myles, Write-In Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  7. Hopefully we will meet Allison Blanchette (She is working on it)
  8.  Hopefully we will meet Scott Mandel (I’m waiting for a response)
  9.  Hopefully we will meet  Chumi Diamond (I’m waiting for a response)


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