Long Beach Update: October 20th Edition

Long Beach News & Not News:

  • The Herald has their update on the Civic Forum. (find me in one of the photos live blogging on my phone!) [LB HERALD]
  • and ya wanna know more about the Green Candidates? [LB HERALD]
  • Project 11561 reported that the Vans Store on Park Avenue is going out of business. 
  • I got this email from AAA saying Long Beach won a safety award:

When a Joke Goes Bad: 

  • [I posted this joke on facebook and nobody laughed]   2 million NY State Comfort Grant brings a Poang chair to Kennedy Plaza for a  safer, stronger, resilient and more comfortable Long Beach 

Election 2017

  1. Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  2. Meet Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  3. Meet John Bendo, Democratic  Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  4. Meet Christopher Jones, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  5. Meet William Haas, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  6.  Meet Runnie Myles, Write-In Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  7. Hopefully we will meet Allison Blanchette (working on it)
  8. Hopefully we will meet Scott Mandel (working on it)
  9.  Hopefully we will meet  Chumi Diamond (I’m waiting for a response)

Long Beach Events:

—Weekly —

—October Events—

  • Pop-Up Bicycle Safety & Law. Also Meet Allison Blanchette, who will be there (and is running for City Council) 
  •  October 27th: East School Carnival!
  • October 30th: league of Woman Voters Candidate Forum @ The Long Beach Public Library

—November Events—

  • Election day [November 7th]. Buy popcorn.

—January 2018 Events—

  • Anthony’s Birthday

—July 2018 Events—

  • Seabythecity.com will be 10 years old on July 2nd, 2018

—September 2018 Events—

  • September 18th is Hug-a-Blogger day. (I’m trying to turn this into a thing)

Basement Blogging:

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