To the City Employee who created the Fake anti-Bendo facebook group. I know who you are. (allegedly)

There is a fake Anti-John Bendo page on facebook. It’s been anonymous and pretty ruthless,  filed with lies, etc. I don’t even want to post the name of the site because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

I know who runs the site.


How do I know? Seabythecity has been tagged by this fake page for sometime now, I usually just ignore it.  Well, today the actual person accidentally tagged and Project 11561 with their real user name. If you click on the tag, it brings you to a notification page for the fake facebook page. Project 11561 confirmed this. It’s a city employee.   let’s keep it there for now….

This is really shitty and embarrassing, especially since this person is running this fake facebook group during work hours.

I SHALL be telling John Bendo about this and I SHALL  forward him my screenshots.

Also, my second endorsement: