Fake facebook group has been deleted, but

The fake facebook group that was targeting candidate John Bendo has disappeared. This is, I’m assuming, a result of my post from yesterday when I declared the said page author as being a city employee, allegedly…… [SEE: To the City Employee who created the Fake anti-Bendo facebook group. I know who you are. (allegedly)]

The fake facebook page has been tagging Seabythecity and other facebook groups with their posts for sometime now. I always ignored the tags because it was all nonsense and quite frankly, a pure example of what’s wrong with the current political nature of our city by the sea. Along with Seabythecity, Project 11561 and the LB Republicans have screenshots that show the perpetrator’s name, as well as a screenshot of what happens when you clicked on the tag. Yeah, there is other stuff as well which I won’t talk about for now.

I sent all my information to the appropriate people and will leave this story for now until new developments happen. I will not be posting the perpetrator’s name for now, so I have nothing to do with whatever guesses you folks are making.

Here’s a video of what happens if you try to find the page:


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