endorses BLANCHETTE, BENDO & NAHAM for Long Beach City Council

The election bracket is set. Tuesday, November 7th is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Three Long Beach City Council seats are up for grabs. With nine candidates running, many  some  perhaps one of you is wondering who I plan on voting for.

These are my picks. You don’t have to agree with me. That’s fine. I don’t care.  

I already mentioned Allison Blanchette. I’m sticking to it. Allison is the only candidate who promised open data with our city finances. She wants to publish (via internet) every single check our city writes. She wants to redo our FOIL system to make everything easy to obtain. You cannot get more transparent than that.  Allison and I both share a common vision for Long Beach, which includes a focus on transportation, complete streets, smart development, etc. She’s very knowledgeable about grants and will not let any go to waste.  I have worked with Allison on past projects and know firsthand the effort she gives is 110%.  Allison has no interest in running for higher office, her only agenda to bring our city government back to the people. She promises to have everybody’s voices heard.  Of course this pick comes with a disclosure. I’m friends with Allison. I’ve known her for years.  She’s awesome and would bring much needed awesomeness to Long Beach. I find Allison to be very inspiring. Heck, she’s running her campaign with limited funds and is extremely effective in doing so (please watch this video). Very inspiring, indeed. Read more about Allison here.  Allison Blanchette is what the City of Long Beach needs.

Sign guy knows it: 

Also in agreement with Sign Guy, I am also voting for:

John Bendo: The savior of Long Beach. Everyone knows it. That’s why the opposing parties are running scared by posting fake and/or misleading information with mailers and fake facebook groups attacking him. John Bendo has spoken up against the iStar tax abatement, he constantly questions who the city hires (read this article), was very involved with our city rebuilding and he also examines our city finances on his spare time.  The man is an advocate for our community.  I love John’s economic strategy when it comes to bringing in more revenue that doesn’t necessarily include tourism, but reimagining our downtown around the LIRR.  I love how he wants to keep  Long Beach affordable for the middle class, which he calls “the backbone of this city.”  I believe he will bring ethics reform to our government.  John has been going to our city council meetings for soooo many years asking the tough questions we all wish we thought of.  I remember when I first learned about John many years ago, I thought to myself, “wow, this guy could have a much better blog than me.”  I still feel that way. Oh, did I forget to mention how he brought us Movies on the Beach?  I know you like Movies on the Beach. That’s John Bendo!  When John speaks about fixing Long Beach, it comes with a passion. I truly believe he wants to make Long beach a better place for all of us residents. That is why John Bendo deserves your vote  Read more about John here.

Joey Naham. Another disclaimer: Joey and I have been friends for years. I met him when he worked at the Farmer’s Market. Since then, Joey has been a contributor to the blog. Joey Naham is a visionary. Years ago I posted Joey’s proposal to bring a Marine Lab to our bay side. [LINK 1] [LINK 2]. This was joey’s idea of not only educating us on our surrounding environment, but to also bring in much needed jobs! Joey’s concern with our water aquifer is real and, if I recall, the only candidate who even mentioned it at both debates. Joey is a horticulturist and could help rid us of mosquitoes! By doing so with Xeric gardens, which are native gardens that require no maintenance. These gardens would attract birds that will feed on the annoying insects! (IF HE DOESN’T GET ELECTED, CAN THE CITY JUST HIRE HIM TO DO THIS?)  I love how he wants to bring real transparency to our government, make our streets safer and accessible for all.  As a Green Party candidate, Joey’s environmental concerns are very real and important (even the White House recently said Global Warming is real and manmade). Being on a barrier Island, the environment must be taken seriously.  Joey is an extremely smart and honest person who we can trust running our government. He represents the native Long Beachers and deserves your vote too. Vote Joey Naham! Read more about Joey here

Other candidates: I was extremely impressed with Runnie Myles, but as a write-in and also involved with his recent lawsuit, I’m worried it’s a real uphill battle for him this time around. I certainly hope Runnie comes back in two years, perhaps if he can latch on to the Green Party because he really deserves a proper shot at office. : I met Leah Tozer about two months ago and really did like her vision for Long Beach. I know there is this fear from some of you that she’s a Real Estate agent, but she spoke to me as a resident and a mom, not somebody looking to overdevelop Long Beach. I truly believe she is running to make Long Beach a better place for all. I really liked her and she is a great choice.  I don’t know Haas or Jones that well, but truth is, – the Republicans lost me with their mailers attacking John Bendo with misled information and lies. It feels like party politics to me, something Long Beach needs to break away from in my opinion. Much like the Sign Guy with his sign, I feel like we need to stay away from Party Bosses this time around and vote for the independents.

Of course, you can judge yourself. Read about all (but one) of the candidates here:

  1. Meet Leah Rosensweig-Tozer, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  2. Meet Joseph Naham, Green Party Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  3. Meet John Bendo, Democratic  Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  4. Meet Christopher Jones, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  5. Meet William Haas, Republican Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  6.  Meet Runnie Myles, Write-In Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  7. Meet  Scott Mandel, Democratic Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  8. Meet  Allison Blanchette, Green Party Candidate for City Council [LINK]
  9. Chumi Diamond (I tried to reach out, but never heard back)

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