IDA Hearing Long Beach November 14th 4PM for that small medical building

I was emailed the following letter, which was sent to the Nassau County IDA folks. There is apparently a hearing this Tuesday at 4pm. regarding a Long Beach IDA application. It looks like some folks on Facebook are getting this confused with the iStar Superblock IDA request. This morning I read a Newsday article that says the hearing is for that medical building near NYSC on Park Avenue that got ZBA approval to be renovated into an apartment building [NEWSDAY: Developer seeks tax breaks on apartment project in Long Beach].
Am I missing something? Well, either way. There was no notice about this meeting whatsoever, so this following letter definitely is worthy to sent to the IDA folks at : <> and  <>.

I am a Long Beach resident and found out just this morning via Facebook posts of an article in today’s Newsday that there is a hearing this Tuesday at 4PM on the application for tax relief by LBH249LLC.  According to the letters I found on the IDA’s website  “The purpose of the public hearing is to provide all interested parties with a reasonable opportunity, both orally and in writing, to present their views with respect to the project.”
There is nothing on the City of Long Beach website or FB page about this meeting. No residents have been notified to my knowledge except if they read today’s Newsday or saw the FB posts about today’s Newsday.   Regardless of one’s view on the project or tax assistance, the notice of this public hearing is completely inadequate — I’d daresay that at least 95% of LB’s residents still have no notice of the application or hearing.  That inadequacy is compounded  by the proposed time of the meeting — Long Beach is a community where most people work and are not able to be home for a 4PM public meeting (let alone one where they have at most 2 days’ notice).  
I request that you immediately postpone this meeting for not less than 2 weeks to ensure that actual adequate notice is provided and a time is set that will fulfill the purpose outlined in your letter.
Thank you,
[All the Long Beach Residents]

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