iStar Tidbit Courtesy Flush

I was asked to post images of the flyers that were on every seat at the Tuesday night ZBA meeting regarding iStar. I have no idea who made them, so I apologize for not giving anybody proper credit.  I have to assume that the creator is totally ok for me to post them here. (Right?)

click on image for a larger view
click on image for a larger view


Also, two posts ago I made a joke about iStar using bags of cement for the ‘work’ they said did, as mentioned in Newsday:

“A foundation permit was filed and a concrete slab was poured on the site, surrounded by a chain link fence off the boardwalk [NEWSDAY]

The following image and caption was posted on facebook by LB resident Sam Pinto. He gave me permission to repost here:

“Back in 2016, I happened to walk by the superblock as I saw one guy in concrete truck pouring some concrete. I saw that he cleared out what looked to be a 5 cubic yard hole, and the concrete was quickly poured into the it. I’m no engineer, but If this counts as a foundation for two 17 story towers, I would be shocked. I didn’t see any rebar, markings, tubes or flags. I’ve seen more concrete work for a lifted bungalow in the West End.”

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