Lots of crap brewing in Long Beach and it’s going to cost us more to get rid of it

(This includes water as well, for those who are wondering.)

A sewer rent increase from 115 to 120%. This crappy information comes from our April 17th City Council Agenda [LINK].

“On and after July 1, 2018, the sewer rents for real property located within the city limits is hereby fixed at an amount equal to one hundred twenty (120) per cent of the water charges for any such real property, to be billed and paid simultaneously with such water charges and to bear like penalties for nonpayment thereof, and bills shall be rendered on the basis of said rate on and after October 1, 2018.

Since it has been established that I write like a child, it’s now my goal to give you the most useless information as possible that only a child would like. This history of our sewer price percentages goes out to all the sewer-loving kids in our great city:

Do you actually enjoy paying fee/service increases? Then don’t forgot to hug one of our elected officials. Something tells me the sewer won’t be only increase we see this year.  I would start charting all the increases we get in 2018, but I’m worried my computer will run out of ink (that’s a bad joke only children can understand). Not to be so Negative Nancy on everything, our sewer life will improve once we stop pumping our poop and fertilizer into Reynold’s Channel.

Hey, I’m not the only one not happy with this crappy increase: