This city is making my sick (by the sea)

I am not sure what’s going on this this blog. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I did have a good run two weeks ago, right?  I just know that this city is making me absolutely sick to my stomach. First, I’d like to say THANK YOU to Council Members John Bendo and Anissa Moore for all you are doing. The informed residents know who to root for and why.

Long Beach is currently an absolute mess. I recommend three things for our City to move forward:

  1. Get an independent audit of our books. Somebody who is not State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli. Otherwise it would be a complete waste of time.  Residents should demand this.
  2. Forget about a City Manager. Bring back the Mayor position. Let the people elect that person, not party bosses or council members. There needs to be accountability. Some dude or dudette who is hired by our city to run our city just does not work. Not in this political environment.
  3.  Anthony Eramo really needs to step down, not only as council President, but on the council itself.  And that vacancy should be voted by the people, not somebody who is selected by a Party Boss or City Council, like how Chumi Diamond came to office last year. I have nothing personal against Eramo. He’s always been nice to me.  Ijust think he is doing a really shitty job, splitting this city apart. I also don’t like his stance on the iStar project. It’s all political moves –  I believe he is putting his political career before the people of Long Beach, which I find to be absolutely disgusting. That is how I see it. Am I wrong?

In other news: Scoundrels by the Sea, a relevant book written by Paul Jackson is now going for $3,214.79 on Amazon.  Chapter two is basically being written right now. Just look around. It’s a virtually reality book that you see with your eyes. No Oculus needed. 

In other, other news: Hey, this post is marked as an opinion, not News. I have to make that clear because there are actual assholes in this city (or a neighboring town) who find ways to sue me, call my house to verbally harass my wife (for no reason) and also sue readers of this blog because of their first name. (more on some of that in a later post)