Meet Sam Pinto, Candidate for Long Beach School Board Trustee

I was asked to share the following for Sam Pinto, candidate for the Long Beach School Board Trustee. Election day is today. Go out there and vote if you haven’t yet!


Today is a critical day in the City of Long Beach as we cast our votes for the budget and School Board Trustees. I wanted to reach out & ask you to cast your vote for me! Sam Pinto 1C

The school system is a critical part of our community, and it’s taxes have the largest impact on our cost of living. Long Beach is facing many challenges as of late and I believe the time is now to shift the status quo. These times of political “clubhouse” and “special interests” superseding the needs of its residents must come to a full stop. Sadly this also holds true for OUR school district.

First & foremost, I am running for the children in OUR community. The school system is most important foundation for their success.

There is currently not one parent of young children serving on our board. That perspective is critical to help balance the vision and direction of the district. I have 3 young children and along with many other parents, I want to make sure that they are given the tools to be successful.

I have a vested interest in their future as both a parent and a taxpayer, making sure that our hard earned tax dollars go to their success and not special interests.

Children are multidimensional they need a balance of structured learning and free play. This will help them learn responsibility and coping skills. They are naturally inquisitive learners, and we need to promote critical thinking and preparation for life’s challenges. There are better ways to gauge achievement than high risk standardized tests. I believe in teaching towards the whole child, not tests. We need to continue to encourage social and emotional growth. In older grades, we need to offer additional pathways, regardless of specific needs and special abilities, this includes academic programs and vocational skills that prepare for their successful futures.

Safety, Safety, Safety.
Safety always comes first. As a dedicated first responder, I know the importance of that. My experience will help cultivate an environment where our children, staff and family’s feel safe at school. The topics of bullying, mental health, opioid crisis or acts of violence are real concerns. My focus on safety will promote real programs and measures to keep everyone safe.

My experience in public service as a civic leader, library trustee and community advocate will help ensure that our district will continue to honest and financially responsible. I have stood alongside fellow residents as we fought against overdevelopment, unfair tax breaks and medical services on the barriar island. Our school district is key stakeholder in our community, and I look forward to continue advocating from that position as well.

I thank you for your support and vote.
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