State Senator Todd Kaminsky calls for outside investigator

From last Tuesday’s city council meeting:

NEWSDAY:  State Sen. Todd Kaminsky calls for probe of Long Beach employee payouts

State Sen. Todd Kaminsky Tuesday night called on Long Beach to hire an outside investigator to review separation payments made to current and former city employees


“I believe some of the issues front and center before the council regarding separation payments have reached a suffocating point,” Kaminsky told council members at the meeting. “People are frustrated in their inability to get answers. Every taxpayer has a right to know what happens with their tax dollars.”


Residents at the meeting called for a federal investigation because, they said, they did not trust State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli as a former backer of Schnirman. Kaminsky said he had no reason to doubt the comptroller and district attorney’s findings. [NEWSDAY]