Anissa Moore, Michael Delury, Lauren Doddato-Goldman Nominated For Long Beach City Council

Pledging to hold the line on taxes, restore fiscal responsibility, transparency, accountability and civility to Long Beach City Hall, Councilwoman Anissa Moore, former Assistant District Attorney Lauren Doddato-Goldman, and municipal finance professional Michael Delury have been nominated for Long Beach City Council by the Long Beach Republican Committee. Denise Ford was also nominated to win re-election to the Nassau County Legislature. Moore, first elected in 2015 and Delury, both Democrats and Doddato-Goldman, a registered republican are running as a bipartisan slate pledge to once and for all clean up Long Beach City Hall, ensure fiscal responsibility and provide residents with a city government that works for the taxpayers of Long Beach.

In a joint statement Moore, Delury and Doddato-Goldman said, “We believe that the best way for government to work in the City of Long Beach is by having members of the two political parties working together for a common goal- that goal should be to put partisan and machine politics aside and work for the residents of the city, to solve the many serious issues that face the city and move Long Beach forward.”

Moore, a college professor who has worked for more than two decades to inspire students and deliver a top tier education, was first elected to the Long Beach City Council in 2015 where she has fought for progress and reform. Moore currently serves as the Chair of the Nassau Community College Academic Senate, where she works to build a strong curriculum and help students succeed on their professional and academic journeys. Moore also serves as the Executive Director for Long Beach STEAM Academy, an after school program for Long Beach’s middle school students that helps bridge the gap between school and home for the children in our community.

Delury, who currently serves as the Treasurer for the Village of East Williston, has more than 15 years of experience managing the operations and finances of successful municipalities in New York State. Delury is responsible for all cash management, annual budget preparation, compliance with State Comptroller’s Office, and coordination of the annual audit for financial statements.

Doddato-Goldman, is a former Nassau Assistant District Attorney with the Major Offense Bureau where she prosecuted homicides and other serious crimes. She is currently Principal Law Clerk to a Nassau County Court Judge where she researches and analyzes complex legal issues and drafts opinions as well as decisions for the judge. She will bring 15 years of criminal justice experience to the Long Beach City Council. Doddato Goldman has fought hard to keep neighborhoods safe, and has worked to ensure that our legal system serves the people.

Denise Ford was first elected to the Nassau County legislature in 2003 and is seeking re-election to her seat. Ford is also a registered democrat who has run on the Republican line.

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