DiNapoli – “Long Beach = Significant Stress” Financially. SBTC = “A new Regime is needed because the current one isn’t working. REmember this in November.”

“[cities] put on the “Significant Stress” list—The City of Long Beach in Nassau County…” [LINK]

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s “Fiscal Stress Monitoring System” put our City by the Sea in the Significant Stress category in his annual report on municipal fiscal stress.

That is a lot of stress. All that stress is giving me way too much stress. I cannot wait until our city is being run by responsible grownups and not children because this blog is terrible with all this bad news. I cannot stress that enough. I am really sorry to those who come here looking for something happy or fun.

I will bring this SIGNIFICANT STRESS news up again in November right before the vote. Tagged: Election 2019