Residents will soon have to bend the Knee when addressing city council

The game of City Council control is heating up. As various factions such as The New Wave Dems, LB Republicans and House Targaryen make their move towards ruling the Long Beach Iron Throne, the current regime revealed their plan of maintaining power. Residents are now required to Bend the Knee if they want to address council at Good & Welfare.

This formal act of submission will force residents to pledge their allegiance to the current powers that be. “It’s a recognition of authority,” a City Spokesperson tells Sea by the City, “a demonstration of fealty. Your three minutes start the second you bend the knee.” The City Council majority hopes this pledge will guarantee them a vote in November’s election, or “you will suffer the consequences.” Unfortunately us folks in the Sea by the City newsroom are unable to figure out what that last part means.

The Bend the Knee rule goes into effect at the next Good & Welfare after the City Council meets this Tuesday, April 2nd.