BOIL YOUR WATER! (updated)

I just got this message alert. I am hearing it’s some sort of bacteria or e. coli or something like that. I don’t know, just boil your freakin’ water! (also a dead body was found on the beach between lincoln and monroe this morning.)

From our City’s website: (see time stamp for newest updates)

6/21/19 – 3:00pm Beginning at approximately 4pm, 15 pallets of bottled water are being distributed at the following three locations: East School (on Neptune Boulevard), Kennedy Plaza (in front of City Hall), & Long Beach Catholic Regional School (Penn Street Playground). Please park legally and allow the workers to unload safely.

6/19/19 – 1:30pm We have been notified that during routine water testing at our sampling station near the intersection of Grand Boulevard and West Chester Street, a water sample tested positive for coliforms. This is not E. coli bacteria, but rather one indication of the presence of E. coli. As a result, additional samples were taken at two private residences on Grand Boulevard and West Chester Street. The residence on Grand Boulevard tested positive for E. coli while the West Chester residence tested negative, but did test positive for coliforms. At this time, the City has not received any information suggesting any threat beyond the immediate vicinity of Grand and West Chester. The City is working with the Nassau County Department of Health to ascertain whether any further contamination exists. Updates will be provided as they are received.

6/19/19 – 12:40pm The Nassau County Department of Health has informed the City that our water supply tested positive for E. coli bacteria and has issued a boil water notice, which means our water is currently not safe to drink unless boiled for at least one minute. Boiled or bottled water should be used for drinking, making ice, washing dishes, brushing teeth and preparing food, until further notice. Residents can check for updates.