I call for the immediate removal of the two Parks Department /or Lifeguards who almost ran over my family on the beach.

One of those quad vehicles flew past my family, who were getting off the beach at Franklin Blvd. We just stepped onto the wooden ramp, but this vehicle flew by going west at least 50 mph. These perps had no way of knowing if one of my kids was about to jump back on the sand. They also had no way of knowing if anyone else was coming off the ramp and onto the beach. They were two males. One of them looked on the younger side. They both looked like they were having fun.

Don’t give me any bullshit that they were driving to some emergency. There was no emergency. They almost created a freaking emergency! My wife, who used to drive those vehicles for the Town of Hempstead and can attest how fast they were going. She yelled, “SLOW DOWN!” These males kinda heard. They slowed down for a second, but then went back speeding again.

What kills me is that there is no accountability in this city. Stuff like this happens all the time and nobody is ever reprimanded. It’s like lord of the flies around here.

I will call the city tomorrow about this, as well as getting in touch with our City Council and parks department. Our city employees have a history of running people over on the beach. Enough is a enough.