Adiós Amigos!

I’m going to be taking a break from the blog indefinitely. It’s not you, it’s me. After almost ten years of blogging (3,331 posts including this one), I am completely burnt out.

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I’ve fallen behind on news since the election: The IDA stuff with that medical building on Park Avenue, the whale in Reynolds channel or the old cadillac ‘crashing’ a movie set. I just can’t keep up with it all. I’m all alone here…. There are also so many posts I still wanted to write, like how Former-President of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Mark Tannanbaum UNSUCCESSFULLY sued me and Allison Blanchette in two separate lawsuits for the same two anonymous comments that were posted on this blog even though, in my opinion, Mark Tannanbaum had absolutely no proof on who the authors were. (I personally don’t make comments under the names Allison and Sandra B). We settled.  I said “no way” to a confidentiality agreement, so being that the cases were about this blog and then public figure Mark Tannanbaum, I really can write all I want about it. And yes, he effected this blog, so It is blog news and Long Beach news. Oh yes, I sued Mark Tannanbaum back for $500,000 in damages in an Anti-Slapp lawsuit. In the end, we all walked away from it all. Why did I settle that way? Everyday I’m kicking myself for doing it. I know I would have won, but an unexpected  issue came up. Put it this way: If you knew why I settled you would call me a saint. I will say this: the chamber of commerce should be kissing my ass that I settled because I was about to turn that entire organization upside down. Holy shit it would have been a shit storm, in my opinion. Those who knew what my case was about, including three board members of the Chamber of Commerce would agree with me, I can guarantee you that. It’s just amazing how Allison and I had to deal with this when we were absolutely 10000000000000% innocent. I still have that time stamped Facebook Messenger message when Allison wrote something along the lines:  “I am being sued by  Tannanbaum and I didn’t write anything.” Yeah, that was a keeper for court and a judge.  I don’t make up so-called fake names and comment about people I don’t know, never met, never spoke to, never did business with. If I have something to say about a public Long Beach person like the then-President of the Chamber of Commerce, I do it in a blog post as an opinion. Not buried as a fucking comment under two fucking ‘fake’ names. If anybody is curious about the anonymous comments were about, here is a similar a comment that was printed and published by the Long Beach Herald below. Funny how the Long Beach Herald and the author of the article didn’t get sued. And Mark did see this LETTER because he participated by answering it in the next Herald Issue – hence my Anti-Slapp lawsuit (this is just one example of many many many many……….)

The new Long Beach Chamber of Commerce is great, by the way. Where was I? Oh yeah, I am burnt out on this blog business. I really wanted to blog about how that new JJ Coopers covered the old Library faced with a sheet of metal. How this drives me absolutely insane that they did that, but whatever. I am too tired. The historical aspect of our downtown is destroyed already anyway. This was just the door slamming us on the ass on last time. I really wish JJ Coopers good luck, but holy shit was that a crappy thing to do. 

Yes, it’s true that I still have stuff to blog about, but I’m done for now indefinitely. Ignorance is bliss and I am extremely anxious to fade into a deeper state of obscurity. You can still find me tweeting and posting on instagram. I actually deactivated my personal facebook account , so sorry if i’m not responding to anything there. I’m not the biggest fan of facebook, so if my blog is silent, so will that.  I actually have no way of posting this article on facebook, so if somebody can do me a favor……

I really want to thank all my readers for coming here daily! To the great (and not-so-great) people I met through the blog. You’ll see me around town.  Little did I know that an unsuccessful purchase of [taken by Newport] would cause me to flip the words around and create something that ended up with thousands of daily followers and over a million views in its lifetime. I am not a writer, so there were so many difficult times for me to articulate my thoughts into written words. I wasn’t so bad, was I?

I guess that’s it for now. I still own for the next ten or so years, so this blog will still float around in the world wide web so long as our internet laws permit it.  If anybody has any desire to show any appreciation, I would love it if you use my referral link if you do any Black Friday shopping from a computer. OBVIOUSLY, SHOP LOCAL, but if Amazon is one of your destinations, using my referral helps me out a lot and it doesn’t cost  you a penny more.

Adiós Amigos!

The set for “WE ARE UNSATISFIED” over at Gentle Brew. Filming will also take place at Temple Emanu-El of Long Beach

The set for WE ARE UNSATISFIED,  A Billy Crystal movie being filmed at Gentle Brew. Long Beach, NY 2017

BIlly Crystal will be shooting a scene for “WE ARE UNSATISFIED” at Gentle Brew today. Filming will also take place at Temple Emanu-El of Long Beach possibly next week.  Here is the summery of the movie from IMDB:

“A comedy about the unlikely friendship that kindles between a struggling stand-up comedian from L.A., forced to move back home to Eastern Long Island with his tail between his legs, and a tragically flawed, but charming and charismatic, alcoholic dermatologist. Discovering to be kindred spirits, each helps the other find healing, in addition to the confidence to face the “failures” in their lives.”

IDA Hearing Long Beach November 14th 4PM for that small medical building

I was emailed the following letter, which was sent to the Nassau County IDA folks. There is apparently a hearing this Tuesday at 4pm. regarding a Long Beach IDA application. It looks like some folks on Facebook are getting this confused with the iStar Superblock IDA request. This morning I read a Newsday article that says the hearing is for that medical building near NYSC on Park Avenue that got ZBA approval to be renovated into an apartment building [NEWSDAY: Developer seeks tax breaks on apartment project in Long Beach].
Am I missing something? Well, either way. There was no notice about this meeting whatsoever, so this following letter definitely is worthy to sent to the IDA folks at : <> and  <>.
I am a Long Beach resident and found out just this morning via Facebook posts of an article in today’s Newsday that there is a hearing this Tuesday at 4PM on the application for tax relief by LBH249LLC.  According to the letters I found on the IDA’s website  “The purpose of the public hearing is to provide all interested parties with a reasonable opportunity, both orally and in writing, to present their views with respect to the project.”
There is nothing on the City of Long Beach website or FB page about this meeting. No residents have been notified to my knowledge except if they read today’s Newsday or saw the FB posts about today’s Newsday.   Regardless of one’s view on the project or tax assistance, the notice of this public hearing is completely inadequate — I’d daresay that at least 95% of LB’s residents still have no notice of the application or hearing.  That inadequacy is compounded  by the proposed time of the meeting — Long Beach is a community where most people work and are not able to be home for a 4PM public meeting (let alone one where they have at most 2 days’ notice).  
I request that you immediately postpone this meeting for not less than 2 weeks to ensure that actual adequate notice is provided and a time is set that will fulfill the purpose outlined in your letter.
Thank you,
[All the Long Beach Residents]

Curran, Gillen, Schnirman all win. Long Beach needs a new City Manager now.

  • Democrat Laura Curran declares victory as our new County Executive.
  • For the Hempstead Supervisor, Democrat Laura Gillen declares victory over incumbent Anthony Santino.
  • Our City Manager Jack Schnirman is now Nassau Comptroller. That means Long Beach now needs a new City Manager.
  • Oh and here are some numbers on the City Council race. I will post more later once they all become official.

Election 2017: The winners are John Bendo, Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond.

10:53pm – I am still waiting for official numbers, but it sounds like Bendo and Mandel got the most votes, which would have them serve 4 years on City Council. Chumi came in third, which means she will only serve two years before seeking re-election again. That is assuming none of these candidates decide to run for higher office during their tenure.

10:41pm – The winners are John Bendo, Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond.

10:40pm – Democrats sweep the election (rumor)

10:30pm – Still waiting for more results. Hang on tight!

10:22pm – John Bendo won. Who are the other two?

10:21pm – I’m hearing that John Bendo won a seat.

9:56pm – “The waiting is the hardest part” – Tom Petty

9:54pm – I’ll update this with whatever. endorses BLANCHETTE, BENDO & NAHAM for Long Beach City Council

The election bracket is set. Tuesday, November 7th is the day we’ve all been waiting for. Three Long Beach City Council seats are up for grabs. With nine candidates running, many  some  perhaps one of you is wondering who I plan on voting for.

These are my picks. You don’t have to agree with me. That’s fine. I don’t care.  

Continue reading endorses BLANCHETTE, BENDO & NAHAM for Long Beach City Council

Guest post by Roy J. Lester on our City Council Election

The following guest post is of the opinion of Roy J. Lester and not of Anthony &

By Roy J. Lester

A lot of people have asked me how I am voting this year and when I tell them I am splitting my vote between Democrats and Republicans they always ask why. The truth is that there are three seats available on the Long Beach City Council this year and it is one of our most important elections this City has ever seen! The direction of this City for the next few decades will be decide tomorrow at the polls.

We are at the crucial crossroads of deciding between preserving our quality of life or selling out to the big developers who stand to make hundreds of millions of dollars jamming up every square foot of waterfront with high rise buildings. There is no question that there are residents of this town that will benefit greatly from this type of development. Anyone in the building trades, if they are lucky enough to get a contract, will do very well. Deli’s and luncheonettes will do well while the workers are here. Real Estate brokers will make fortunes brokering the thousands of apartments that will be on the market. It is only the average citizen who will be screwed! The poor guy looking for a parking place after a long day at work. Developers and brokers don’t care if he has to park 5 blocks away. Developers and brokers won’t care when it turns out the water and sewer system can’t support all the additional density. They will have already made their money and will be long gone by the time we see all the problems these additional apartments cause.

Anyone who is not living in a cave has seen the direction the City has been going in under under the current administration. The 17 story building that they tried to jam down our throats (on top of an insulting hundreds of millions of dollars tax break) was just the start. Does anybody think that once a 17 story building is built that the other buildings won’t see the advantage of reaching for the sky and change all of their two-story buildings into 17 or 19 stories. (Everyone knows that the Haberman building was originally supposed to be 19 1/2 stories.)

To picture this, I ask anybody who lives anywhere near the water just to look down the block, see the tallest building they can find and then imagine that building at 3 times that height! Or look on the City’s website for the “comprehensive plan”. The pictures alone show you the 12 eight story buildings that they are envisioning along the bay front. And how does the average citizen benefit from that massive density increase? The truth is they don’t. But the political contributions to the current administration from those developers sure helps someone. No wonder the party is so willing to sell out the people.

It is clear where continuing with the current administration will lead us. Both Chris Jones and William Haas have spoken out against this type of development. Unfortunately their running mate Leah Tozer has published articles advocating the comprehensive plan and stands to benefit greatly from overdevelopment of the City regardless of how her current “politically opportunistic” stance. John Bendo has been steadfast against this over development even before he ever thought of running for City Council. Consistency in positions is something that I greatly admire. Contrast that with Tozer’s “politically beneficial for the moment” position. Chumi and Scott’s positions are well known. It is not about the Town, it is about the tribute. But that is probably why the County Democratic leadership forced them on the City. Just look at the massive contributions they get from the unions and developers that will benefit from these projects.

Tomorrow is a big day. Tomorrow we have the opportunity to decide our future! Tomorrow we have the opportunity to decide the direction of this City! Either you decide it or others without your interest at heart will do that for you. Get out and VOTE.

-Roy J Lester

Three proposals on this year’s ballot. What Newsday has to say, plus some opinions of my own.

We all see those NY CONVENTION stickers on cars and lawn signs all over town. What’s that all about? Well, there are going to be three proposals on the ballot this year. Newsday weighs in, suggesting we all vote YES for all three. So here they are below. What do you folks think?

NEWSDAY: Vote yes to constitutional convention, other proposals on back of the ballot

  1. PROPOSAL 1Should the state hold a constitutional convention to amend its constitution? Newsday is saying we should vote YES for this because our system is broke and unethical, so voting YES will apparently  fix it. Quite honestly, if you read their reasoning, you would want to vote YES as well.  They present a very convincing argument. Read more on their editorial HERE.
  2. PROPOSAL 2Proposal Two would allow public pensions to be stripped from officials convicted of job-related corruption.  “The urgent need for this reform was highlighted by the recent news that disgraced former Suffolk County police Chief James Burke is collecting an annual pension of $145,485. Former Suffolk District Attorney Thomas Spota, indicted on charges involving the cover-up of Burke’s beating of a man who stole a duffel bag from Burke’s SUV, also would keep his pension if convicted.” [NEWSDAYNO BRAINER. PLEASE VOTE YES FOR THIS ONE.
  3. PROPOSAL 3:  Has to do with easing up on maintenance in the Adirondack Park Forest Preserve.  This one is tough.  While industrialization and shopping centers take over NY, I love the idea of “forever wild” and keeping an area sacred. Not living in the Adirondacks, it’s hard to gauge what the actual situation is. I would love to hear some feedback on this one.


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