818233c4-1661-4a05-a4d0-1d6208f5bed1Bethpage, NY – June 23, 2016 – Almost two years since opening the first credit union in the City of Long Beach, Bethpage Federal Credit Union, New York State’s largest credit union, has installed six public ATMs throughout Long Beach, after being awarded the opportunity by the Long Beach City Council.  These six public ATMs, a first for the City, are located on the Long Beach Boardwalk at National Blvd., at Edwards Drive and at Riverside Blvd., in addition to inside three public buildings including Long Beach City Hall, the Long Beach Recreation Center and the Long Beach Municipal Ice Arena.  The public ATMs will allow the community to perform cash withdrawals only.  Continue reading THE CITY OF LONG BEACH TURNS TO BETHPAGE FEDERAL CREDIT UNION FOR FIRST PUBLIC ATM MACHINES

Charles McAvoy of Long Beach is ranked to be drafted in the 1st round in tonight’s NHL draft

McAvoy_CharlieThe final ISS [international scouting services) ranking is in and Long Beach’s own Charles McAvoy is ranked in the elite first round group. The international ranking has McAvoy, a Boston University defensemen at #23 overall  [LINK]. He moves up to a final rank of #6 with North American players only [LINK]. Sounds like he is a pretty damn good hockey player. It will be exciting to see where he ends up.

You can read more about McAvoy @ 2016 NHL Prospects: Charles McAvoy

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The Princess Bride: This Saturday night on the beach! [Have fun storming the castle!]

13509001_598249923681824_3920525858624918038_nWatch local boy Billy Crystal in The Princess Bride, this Saturday night on the beach! 🙂

Have fun storming the castle!

Join us this Saturday Evening on Lafayette Boulevard as we start another wonderful summer of Long Beach Movie Nights. We will be showing The Princess Bride starting at 8:15PM. So bring the family, the neighbors , the kids and a beach chair.

And as always please remember these nights would not be possible without the generous financial support of our INCREDIBLE SPONSORS, please join us in thanking: Continue reading The Princess Bride: This Saturday night on the beach! [Have fun storming the castle!]

My roundabout proposal for Lido Blvd / Loop Parkway intersection


Nobody likes to sit at meaningless red lights, especially when there are no cars at the green side. Doesn’t that just piss you off? We sit there. We idle. We burn gas. We waste our precious time. We pick our noses with disease-ridden dirty fingers, eating those boogers while mindlessly staring at a circle, hoping it will one day turn green. There has to be a better way than this. That is why I am proposing a ROUNDABOUT for the Lido / Loop intersection. 

Now, I am no traffic expert, so check out what a roundabout did to this Indiana town:

“when a city in Indiana replaced all their signaled intersections with roundabouts, construction costs dropped $125,000, gas savings reached 24k gallons/year per roundabout, injury accidents dropped 80%, and total accidents dropped 40%. [LINK]

Come on, Long Islanders. Jones Beach has roundabouts. We know how to use them. The way I see it, we have two choices:

  1. Sit at a red light burning gas, time and money,  or
  2. Continuously drive your car, free of frustration. Use that extra time you saved on yourself, or spend it with your family. That gas money you save could go to your kid’s college education or that smart phone you’ve always wanted.

Most of you will pick #2. Now, who do we contact to get this done?

What to do with this place? #CLEANINGPHOTOSOFFMYPHONE

The former-Citibank on Park Avenue. It’s been vacant for awhile now. Vacant banks sometimes have heavy vaults that are expensive to move. I’m not sure if that’s the case here, but it’s a real bummer for all prospective tenants. We don’t really need more banks. I highly doubt a restaurant will move in there. I had this dream of opening up a music rental space, where bands can practice, etc. Maybe one day…. But this vacancy brings up a point: do we just have too much commercial space on Park Avenue?

By the way, the broken bike in the lower left hand corner has been there since last summer. citi

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