Upcoming Comprehensive Plan/Local Waterfront Revitalization Open Houses

The community’s input has been crucial in guiding the City through the Comprehensive Plan and Local Waterfront Revitalization Program processes. Please join us at one of two public open houses this summer for updates on these important plans:
  • August 1st, 2016 from 7:00-9:00 PM at the Long Beach Public Library (111 West Park Avenue)
  • August 9th, 2016 from 6:30-8:30 PM at the Long Beach Public Library (111 West Park Avenue)
Please see the attached flier or the Long Beach Listens website for more details.
Public Meeting 6 and 7 flyer

JAWS this Saturday night. 8pm at Neptune Blvd beach.


The weather last week for Star Wars was pretty crazy. We rightfully got kicked off the beach around 4pm because of the lightening storm. The weather then looked like it was going to clear up around 7pm. The forecasts even said so, but wind knocked the screen down around 10pm, with the movie being cancelled shortly after due to rain. We can never predict this crazy weather, so I am not even going to try to post updates on here. The best place to go is Long Beach Movie Nights for all up-to-date info on this event.  


The RALLY 4 REUSABLE BAGS @ CITY HALL seems like it made an impact. Based on some photos that I’ve seen, there appears to be support coming from our elected officials. During the City Council meeting, this fine gentlemen appeared with the following sign:


If that costume doesn’t make an impact, I don’t know what will. I’m personally tired of seeing plastic bags attached to trees all over Long Beach. I’m tired of seeing them in our waters, flying around our streets. Sorry, plastic bags, You are not as cute as that red ballon from that old French film.

Ok, I get how not everybody wants to walk around with a cloth bag. We should at least use alternatives; ones that are biodegradable or paper. Heck, even bags you can eat!

I do want to apologize to the organizers for not being able to go, but Tuesdays are always my worst nights to do anything.  That being said, major kudos to all those who did go.  I hope to hear some positive news from your cause soon!

Allegria auction updates

A few of my friends were hanging around the hotel auction eavesdropping, reading lips and wearing invisibility cloaks- trying desperately to get whatever info they can. Here is the latest:

“It just sold for $27.4 million to a man who allegedly represents the mortgagee.”

Well… I’m sure we’ll read more about this in the Herald. They have better eavesdroppers, lip readers and invisibility cloaks than my crew.

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