Are snowflakes and crabs enough to draw people to shop in Long Beach this Holiday Season?

I like the boardwalk lights. I like how our city is extending them to Park Avenue. Beech Street has some nice holiday lights of their own. Yes, this all looks nice and festive, but is it enough to draw people outside of Long Beach to come down here and shop for the holiday season?

Last year I suggested this idea of having a makeshift outdoor skating rink in Kennedy Plaza: charge for skate rentals, skating, hot cocoa, coffee, snacks, have live music, etc.  It would be a completely different vibe than trying to get people to go to our ice arena, which is nowhere near our downtown. This could be so much fun and make Long Beach a winter destination.

Nobody like that idea. Does anybody have any other ones? Does the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce have some tricks up their sleeves?

I know some of you have that ‘no tourist’ attitude, but we do have local businesses who could really use the business.


Where is the iStar Paradise? Rumors, rumors, rumors.. (nonsense friday)


Like OMG,  like there are like so many rumors that have me LOLROFLMAO! Right now I am hearing (from two different people) how construction bidding for the iStar Superblock will begin shortly.  Another rumor is how iStar cannot get proper funding and are trying to find outside investors. I also heard that groundbreaking is this spring. Let’s keep all those in the rumor category for now. Being that the superblock has become the boy who cried wolf of Long Beach, there’s a lot of anxiety as to how it will play out. “Will not shave or take a haircut until The Superblock moves forward” is what a resident told me. That would make a great ongoing blog segment if they actually did that….

UPDATE: A comment on Facebook:

“At the Nov 4 City Council Meeting I asked if and when iStar would be breaking ground. The council will not respond during Good and Welfare but I met with Corporation Counsel after (Corey’s sub.) He said that iStar had run into some problems with their financial backers “as is often the case in construction projects” but that the city would be meeting with iStar the following week (nov 10-14, not sure which day) and some questions could be answered after that meeting. This is exactly why I wish they would answer questions out loud! I am not the only one who wants to know.

UPDATE from get iStar-ted already…

“Let’s add rumors, i heard that the ZBA voted on iStar again last night, which is kinda weird since they already passed it last year and there was no public notice of this. I am thinking it may not be true since the link on the city website doesn’t have it listed as one of the cases heard last night, ({9837D86B-6429-4ACA-8A32-2EB963C7E138}&DE={DCD72F78-867A-430F-A9B8-BBAA6C519A07}).

And they can’t have a vote and not publish the outcome. But wait this is LB.

Another UPDATE from Project 11561:

“Well … ask you you shall receive. Here’s an update.

iStar Long Beach appealed to the Zoning Board of Appeals LAST NIGHT for a time extension of their variance.

Did you not know about it? We didn’t either! Know why? It wasn’t listed on the agendas – and when we just checked the published decisions from last night, it is not listed there either.

Responding to South Nassau Community Hospital letter

Yesterday, South Nassau Community Hospital (SNCH) sent a letter to Long Beach residences describing their plans to establish an Emergency facility in Long Beach. But, they indicated they were considering establishing other hospital facilities, using FEMA funds, to be located “elsewhere”.

At last night’s City Council meeting three LB residents voiced deep dissatisfaction with the possibility that FEMA funds could be used “elsewhere”, to the potential detriment of Long Beach.

The City Council members were similarly agitated, consistent with their prior support for a Long Beach-located hospital.

If you support a full-service Long Beach hospital, contact SNCH and NYS politicians to demand the exclusive use of FEMA funds for a Long Beach situated hospital. And, ask your local civic group to voice its support to the City Council on this issue.

Ed Glister. 917-312-1219. 80 Oregon St



Really Nassau County? You finally realized people are leaving and not coming back? (It’s all about Jobs and Lifestyle)

Many years ago I vowed never to return to Long Island. So after living in various NYC areas, I somehow ended up in Long Beach.  I honestly never thought I’d move back to Nassau, but Long Beach was the one exception (and still is). Why did I come here? Well, the beach, the restaurants, the events, City-like atmosphere, boardwalk, lifestyle, access to NYC via LIRR; it’s truly an area that cannot be beat. There is that sense of community factor – I go to local stores and see people I know. I can walk or bike everywhere. There is always something going on that entertains me. Long Beach has a strong sense of being, a place where I belong.

Yes, we do have many issues here in LB. Not everything is awesome. Many folks still aren’t back in their homes or are struggling to get them back to normal, many businesses are struggling to stay open, our downtowns need major love and care and our infrastructure is aging and sometimes falling apart (see – broken water main). The cost of living is increasing, rent is going up (as we learned the other day) making it harder and harder to get by. Yet…. I see friends move to Brooklyn or Manhattan where the cost of living is just as high and is also increasing at an alarming rate. They live in tiny apartments, pay high rent, but are ok with it – as long as they live in Brooklyn or Manhattan. So is the cost of living on Long Island really driving people away? Or is it the Long Island lifestyle that’s doing it?

I keep hearing how the suburban model is dead. Younger people don’t want to live in an area filled with national-tenant shopping centers, sitting-in-a-car traffic and dead space. They want culture, great food, excitement, a sense of being. At least thats the feeling I got when all my friends decided to move away from Long Island so many years ago.  There is also the job-factor. Long Island is turning into a service island. Industry and jobs are moving out, retail is moving in. Take Avis Car Rental for example. Their main headquarters used to be in Carle Place off Old Country Road until they moved to Florida several years ago. Now that property has been replaced with the GAP, Starbucks and Shake Shack – in an area that had 2 Gaps (one in the dying Source Mall) and several Starbucks already.

I am babbling and probably contradicting myself, but here’s the Newsday article that got me all fired up (NEWSDAY: Maragos presses plan to counter ‘alarming’ population trends in NassauThere is not one mention of the Long Island lifestyle as factor, but I truly believe it’s being overlooked. 

“Nassau must address “alarming” trends showing the county’s population will decline by 3 percent over the next decade, with fewer children and young adults but a rapidly growing number of seniors, according to a report by Comptroller George Maragos.

……”These are disturbing trends,” he said. “Young adults are going away to college and are never returning.”

The report cited expensive housing and a dearth of high-paying jobs in attractive fields as the key factors in Nassau’s declining population of young people.

Water main broke at new parking mall (that stinks)

“Earlier this evening, a 12″ water main broke on the south side of Park Ave. just west of Roosevelt Blvd.

City public works crews are still excavating to assess the damage and may need to shut down a small area surrounding the break in order to repair it. – City of Long Beach

Yep, our new parking mall at Roosevelt and Park. Workers were hard at work trying to get it back to normal this morning, but damn that stinks. The new mall was looking nice. They still need to add the crossing light to the stores. I also hope they bring the nautical pilings back, or some type of nautical decoration. I miss those.

2014-11-19 09.00.41

Attention People: Please stop being a**holes or I will block you.

It’s 4:30am as I write this. I’m tired, but don’t know how much simpler I can make this statement: PLEASE REFRAIN FROM BEING AN ASSHOLE OR YOU WILL BE BLOCKED AND ALL YOUR COMMENTS WILL BE PUT INTO MODERATION.

I generally do not get to read or moderate every single comment made on this blog, but lately they appear to be getting out of hand. I’m at the point where I don’t want to do this anymore; it’s just sickening and not what I originally intended when I created this blog.

I actually have no problem blocking everybody and have no comments because living in my own personal bubble seems like a much safer place. But alas… many times the conversations here are really great, so I wont let a few bad seeds ruin all the fun. Don’t forget that we are all neighbors. Please try to act civilized with meaningful and constructive conversations. This is a personal blog that makes no money, so I will moderate under my own discretion.

The rent is too damn high?

I’m echoing a comment made on the Seabythecity Facebook page regarding rent in LB:

“Can we all just note how absolutely ridiculously expensive it is to rent here? And how many homes are owned by corporations and people who generally live out of the area? My husband and I have been looking for a new place–hard-working middle class young couple–and it’s pretty impossible with all of these inflated rental rates. Seems a pretty important topic to think about.

“It’s definitely hurting business, as customers are saying they don’t want to shop in LB anymore” – Anonymous LB-Business owner on Alleged Towing ‘Scam’

An anonymous business owner in Long Beach contacted me regarding the towing article that was posted over a week ago (see -An “Alleged” Towing “Scam” [Heed the Warning]). This person said many costumers are aware of the consequences of getting towed, but the ‘park once, shop in multiple stores’ habit is hard to break, especially in a place like Long Beach that is supposed to be a walkable city. “It’s definitely hurting business, as customers are saying they don’t want to shop in LB anymore.”


Coincidently, as I was drafting this story, I received the following photo with this caption from Richard Boodman who gave me info for the first story:

“At it again slightly after 2 PM today . She paid $50. He had her hooked up for about 14 minutes. Then he went store shopping until he found her. Tow guy told me he had complained to the PD about me. Since I complained to the PD about him, I guess we are even. One of the bystanders said that this is number three today.


[Long Beach Herald] Long Beach Cinemas may reopen in spring

The Long Beach Herald has an update on our movie theater, which was flooded during Hurricane Sandy back in October, 2012. Read: Long Beach Cinemas may reopen in spring

HopeLBI, myself tried to get some info on this in the past, only to be told stuff which never came to fruition. But alas… I am glad read that the gears are still turning.. somewhat.

Some info from the LB Herald article:

“Pilevsky said that the theater would continue to show a mix of mainstream and family-friendly movies, and possibly independent films.

“This is a golden opportunity to be creative, and build a state-of-the-art theater at the entrance of this great city that would perhaps have major motion picture premieres, a performing arts stage for events, screen indie films, and host special industry panels,” she [ Ingrid Dodd, the co-founder of the Long Beach International Film Festival] said. “The future of our film festival in Long Beach is contingent upon having a theater to screen films and a performing arts center — without them, the festival has no choice but to grow some legs and branch outside Long Beach.

I wish Ingrid all the luck in the world on working with the owners to make something special there. Movie theaters CAN BE and ARE very profitable, you just have to think outside the box. Shitty movies with crappy candy is not going to cut it.

Coincidentally, a Long Beach friend of mine just sent me a photo of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas in Yonkers, which he just visited this past week and loved. I even have friends in the hip ole’ town of Brooklyn who travel all the way to Yonkers to watch movies there. Yonkers. YONKERS!!!


Please help and share.

I was asked to share this on the blog:

DEAR LONG BEACH COMMUNITY: Upon returning home from dinner last night, I came on fb and saw that a dear woman I know, Annette La Salle , tragically learned about the passing of her son. As such, I would like to know if anyone in LB would like to help me … help her through this difficult time as she is in need of love and assistance as she is a LB senior who lives alone. If yes, please feel free to inbox me so we can work together. Thank you! -DonNa Pisacano Brown

All donations would help pay funeral costs. Checks can be written directly to the funeral home. Contact Annette La Salle @ 5162861133

More Natural Gas Pipe Info, because you want more Natural Gas Pipe Info (I know what boys like. I know what guys want).

unnamedA reader chimed in with more info regarding those natural gas pipes on LB Blvd (see – Question: Ya know what this is?).

“Anthony:  The picture of the yellow pipes at LB Blvd between Shore Road and the Boardwalk show above the ground support equipment for a below ground 36 inch diameter natural gas pipeline.  The pipeline originates in New Jersey and comes ashore at LB Blvd.  It runs through Island Park under Austin Blvd.  I think it serves the former LILCO power plants in IP.  After that I have no idea where it goes or ends.

30-40 years ago when it was built it was supposed to run under Long Beach Road through the Village of Island Park.  An irate housewife led opposition and it was moved to Austin Blvd.  Safety was the concern.

There is also an underwater fiber optic cable under Monroe Blvd that runs from Monroe and the Boardwalk to France.  I lived there when it was installed 15-20 years ago.”

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