The Smithsonian: America’s Cleanest Beaches. Long Beach is the only NY beach listed.

The Smithsonian recently did a list of America’s Cleanest—And Most Polluted—Beaches. Would you believe Long Beach was the only New York beach listed? You find that pretty hard to believe, especially since Long Island is lined with many amazing beaches. Well it’s true. All of it. According to the Smithsonian, Long Beach, NY is one of American’s best beaches. The article backs up their claim with scientific research, gastroenteritis-EPA standards and urban slobber impact.  Read it right here: America’s Cleanest—And Most Polluted—Beaches.

(Big thanks to Pete for sending me the link)

A reader comments on the marina portion of the Comprehensive Plan / LWRP presentation

The following comment is from a reader who wishes to remain anonymous. It’s regarding the marina portion of the Comprehensive Plan / LWRP presentation.  Here is my recent post on the topic: LONG BEACH COMPREHENSIVE PLAN/ LWRP [NOTES, OPINIONS, IDEAS, CONCEPTS] 

“Putting the marina by the water plant is Ironic. Back in the 60’s there was a nice marina/fishing station on that exact spot.  City hall demolished it to build the water plant. At Magnolia where the Rec is now was another marina. Boat rentals and sales, outboard and inboard motors serviced and sold there.  Moorings and a restaurant. Both locations were thriving businesses that were demolished  to make way for the now existing eyesores.

I doubt that LB can support a marina these days. There were three marinas in the 60’’s and earlier. The third one was at NY Ave and the bay. That was demolished for condos to be built.  Three marinas in Island park are now on the ropes from Hurricane Sandy. The LB area can support maybe one small marinas that have not only slips for rent but large yards for boat winter storage and repair shops to maintain them. Boats in this area spend more time out of the water than in the water. There are many fewer boats in the area now in the 21st century.”4

Lemonade Pedal! Thursday at 10am! [Event Reminder]


It’s like a Tour de Lemonade Stand!
Meet-up at Kennedy Plaza for a bike safety check and then pedal off in a fun, guided group along a scenic Long Beach ride to lemonade stands stationed around Long Beach!

LBPD Bicycle Registration
Helmet Fittings
Basic Bike Maintenance Check
Safety Tips
Rules of the Road
Free swag for participants & volunteers!

We have 2 terrific routes which connect to several lemonade stands (Kennedy Plaza, Lindell School, Magnolia Playground), mapped out for you to bike alone or with our group ride, which leaves Kennedy Plaza at 10:30am.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult. Children under 14yrs must wear a helmet – we can loan you one if needed!

For all updates on this event, visit: Lemonade Pedal on Facebook. Continue reading Lemonade Pedal! Thursday at 10am! [Event Reminder]

Long Beach Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP [notes, opinions, ideas, concepts]

The Long Beach Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP.

I went to the North Park meeting, took some photos and mental notes. Looking at the images below, please don’t think this is exactly what Long Beach will look like in the next 30 years. Some of these ideas are very ambitious and creative, but they are merely just concepts and guidelines. It appears that Long Beach is creating a new masterplan, utilizing input for various measures that include zoning principles, sustainability and future-concept.

I know some of you hate his stuff because you are worried about parking. If that’s you, stop reading now. This post is not for you.

So here are some photos, some notes and some thoughts.

(click image for a larger view)

Above is a concept for central Long Beach. Part of this idea includes moving the Recreation Center and Ice Arena to where City Hall/ Kennedy Plaza currently resides. Main reason: to get more people to use the Rec/Ice Arena. This concept frees up space on the bay that could be used for bay-view apartments, marina, etc.

I am kinda mixed on this idea. I wonder if apartments by the LIRR makes more sense, smart development-wise. The city wants to create better access. I do get the concept. My nephew who lives in another part of Long Island came to Long Beach to play hockey. That included parking in the lot, playing hockey, getting back in the car and driving home. If the ice arena was in the center of town, it could get people like my nephew to actually stay a little longer to shop and eat here. Believe it or not, but lots of people come to Long Beach to use our ice arena.

Moving the rec and ice arena is a tough sell, being that these two buildings already exist. The reality is, they should have been built in the center of town to begin with. Ditto with the Hospital.

Moving City Hall to the city-owned Stop & Shop center is interesting because it still incorporates the supermarket, but on the street side with parking in the rear. There would also be a ‘music venue’ type space for outdoor concerts in the plaza/grass area. I hate that shopping center, so any plan that involves redeveloping it is fine by me.

(click image for a larger view)

Photo above is north of North Park. This includes a marina, apartments, some retail and a park along the bay with storm protection features. Currently this bayfront is a disaster (see my old photos from 2011, but it still kinda looks this way). I like marinas, but I wonder how tall boats will fare being sandwiched between two bridges.

If you zoom in on the bottom left of the photo, you will see this:

(click image for a larger view)

I love this. A bridge that connects two sections of Long Beach by extending over the LIRR. I love this concept photo. I love this design. Who created this image? I want to buy you a sandwich and shake your hand. I guess the blue circle in the middle is the water treatment plant. Yummy!

(click image for a larger view)

Now this photo above depicts another marina. This would be off Magnolia Blvd where the current fishing pier resides. I see a kayak, so that’s good news for those who want to put a vessel in the water that doesn’t have a motor. I don’t eat fish, but I love to fish. I want to ride my bike to a party boat. We live on a barrier island. It’s almost embarrassing how we don’t have a proper marina.

(click image for a larger view)

BEACH SIDE. This last image expands on a concept that I saw last year. This is the foundation block [between edwards, riverside and broadway]. This concept includes parking, grass, residential and commercial. It’s a good concept, especially if you consider potential alternatives [tall buildings, anyone?]. I mean, the city is proposing a grass field with parking. How can you complain about that? Isn’t that pretty much what most of you want anyway?

That’s a wrap. If you want more info, visit Comprehensive Plan/ LWRP @ Long Beach Listens

Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment [HALB property and beyond?]

2016-08-14 16.18.58-1

Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment is a new grassroots movement that’s building momentum as a direct response to the proposed towers at 530 West Broadway. This property is the current home of The Hebrew Academy of Long Beach [HALB]. See the following articles on this topic:

While the developers did come back and shaved a few stories off from the original plan, I do agree they are still way too big. Also, are we really seeking more retail on the boardwalk? If that’s the ultimate goal with boardwalk redevelopment, we might as well junk all the stores on Park Avenue. How many downtowns can this city sustain when [in my opinion] the main one is faltering?

I love the message on the sign: Build, But Don’t Destroy. I try to make some sort of effort of not being a NIMBY-type, so I am for development. I feel it’s extremely unrealistic to think that we can stop all beach front development from happening. The last thing I want is to live in a community filled with dilapidated-looking buildings. With that, as a community we must ask ourselves: What kind of progress do we want? What kind of progress can we sustain? And, what’s the deal with zoning? Should the city come up with a final plan that we all can agree on? AKA: It’s either this way or no way.

For those who are interested in joining the movement, visit them on Facebook @ Long Beach Neighbors Against Overdevelopment

Liddle Bites Play Cafe [Now Open!]. An Amazing Kid’s Play Place in Long Beach!

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 9.43.16 AMLiddle Bites Play Cafe (132 E. Park Avenue) is now open!  I’m going to just come out and say it: Liddle Bites is awesome! As a dad of toddlers; I know all about these places. I’ve been to them all. While they’re all unique in their own way, I am pleased to say Long Beach now has the best. It’s not because Liddle Bites has the freshest coat of paint, it’s the types of toys, nooks and experience it has to offer.2016-08-13 14.26.29-1

There you’ll find a life-sized doll house, a play cupcake shop, dress clothes, wooden houses, a ball-filled rocket along with a plethora of unique toys that even peaks the interest of adults (like me!). There are lots of tables for crafts, games and snacks. I love the 50’s style diner in the front.

Liddle Bites also sells various drinks [coffee, water, juice, etc], snacks and some toys. Forgot food for your hungry child? You can order from John Henry’s, which currently appears to be just a kid’s menu, but an adult menu is soon to follow.

Ingrid Ceniceros, the owner was telling me how every week they have a new theme. Last week it was puzzles; currently it’s Color By Numbers. It’s tough to say what age group this place is geared towards. For toddlers and younger, it’s absolutely perfect, but Ingrid said how she noticed older kids having fun there too.

If you have a child and haven’t been there yet, seriously check it out. You can find all the information you want, including pricing on the website. We bought a ten pack the first day we went, as my oldest wants to go to Liddle Bites everyday.

Liddle Bites Play Cafe
132 E. Park Avenue

Long Beach. NY 11561


It’s true. Three Booths were destroyed. Time to get some cameras on the boardwalk.

The vandalism of our boardwalk is getting out of control. I see the usual marker graffiti on ticket booths, library boxes with broken glass  plus we can’t forget about that crappy graffiti on the boardwalk itself [see: June 8th, 2016].

Three booths were recently destroyed. I hate to say it, but I’m not surprised. Whenever we try to do something nice in this town, some a-hole is always there to ruin it. I truly believe it’s time for our city to start installing cameras on the boardwalk.

There is a whole psychological story to this. The vandals most likely have some serious anger issues. Probably very insecure about life and they have to act out in order to feel better about themselves. You don’t do something like this just to ‘look cool.’ More than one person was involved, so I am hoping it leaks out who did it. The people who hate aren’t happy.

Photo published on Project 11561. I am not sure who took the photo.
Photo published on Project 11561. I am not sure who took the photo.

Army Corp. ground breaking has commenced. Storm protection, here we come!

This will be an easy post. I’ll just copy and paste what our City Manager wrote on Facebook:

“Proud and pumped to represent Long Beach as we broke ground yesterday on the decades in the making fully federally funded Army Corps Shoreline Protection project! Our City Council gave clear direction – we can no longer tolerate leaving our barrier island and our homes unprotected. Since Superstorm Sandy, the City’s critical infrastructure has been upgraded with resilience, and this is another huge step forward of our continued progress. We sincerely thank Senator Schumer for his incredible assistance in making this project happen.”

             –     Long Beach City Manager, Jack Schnirman

13882623_10209664095176462_9053760132358427374_nYeah, this project will be an inconvenience, but it’s much needed and inevitable if we want to keep living in Long Beach. I am very happy to see it finally happen!!

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