Georgia Park renovation is underway (a rendering and possible timeframe of when work might be done)

A reader named Erica wrote in asking about the Georgia Park renovation:

We have been loving the Georgia park playground and all of a sudden showed up yesterday only to find it was being demolished (sad face). The city site said it was sandy damaged & being upgraded. So my question for you: Any info on what type of play structure is going up? Time frame on reopening? Thanks so much!!

I am extremely excited to see that work is underway, the park needs it and the kids need great place to play! I asked City Councilmen Anthony Eramo, who quickly got back to me with this:

The photo (below) does not show the water features, shaded benches and any floral installations.
The timing depends on the weather. Hopefully Oct will be mild. If so the contractors will be able to adhere the safety surface properly thus the playground will be basically done fairly quickly.
Anthony Eramo
(click image for a larger view)

Long Beach among the Safest Cities in NYS? We are #21 according to some website

Hey look, Long Beach is apparently one of the safest cities in New York State. That is according to research done by Safe Choice Security News:

To insure the accuracy of our research we compare crime statistics from the FBI’s census data, with a focus on violent and property crimes. According to the compiled data, your town is safer than 74% of the nation. You’ll find more information on Long Beach, as well as the rest of the list, at

21. Long Beach, NY

Long Beach, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe city of Long Beach is another safe city located in Nassau County south of Long Island, on the Long Beach Barrier Island. It is also known as “The City by the Sea” and offers impressive parks, recreation, historic sites and landmarks. The City oversees the Atlantic Ocean on the south and is surrounded by the Reynolds Channel on its other sides. It was named one of the 25 cleanest shores in the United States. The city had a beautiful boardwalk along the sea, which was unfortunately destroyed in 2012 by the Hurricane Sandy, and it is still recovering. For the many who use Long Beach as a bedroom community, the city is well connected with rail road and bus systems. The Long Beach Police Department ensures the safety of the town through a variety of initiatives designed to keep crime rates low.

Population: 33,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.34
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.38
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities
Do you all feel safe around here? As a pedestrian or cyclist I don’t all the time, but this research is based on violent and property crimes, not the crime of speeding down a street or running a stop sign.
Now I’m supposed to embed this safety badge on my website, but it looks more like an add to me:safest-cities-new-york-award

New Library Branch in the West End? Not Without Your Support (Meeting Sept 17th)

At the August WENCA (West End Neighbors Civic Assoc.) meeting, WENCA Secretary Maria Fitzgerald gave a brief presentation regarding a proposal to open a library branch in the West End. She was quick to point out that we are not talking about reopening the type of branch the West End had before Sandy. We are talking about something new and much more useful to residents. Unlike the previous West End Branch that didn’t reopen after the storm, the proposed new branch will be more centrally located and take full advantage of all the technological and socially interactive advances that have propelled modern libraries into the future…and back into people’s busy lives. Including use for senior citizens, book clubs, and after-school programs (a list of more proposed benefits in just a moment). Continue reading

James Franco In Long Beach [Photo Gallery & Video]

I figured I’d make a gallery of all James Franco in Long Beach photos. This page will hopefully be updated with more photos and can be found in the photo menu above. Enjoy!

If Mr. James Franco reads this and would like to send exclusive photos of him in Long Beach to seabythecity (the best blog in Long Beach annd big fans of Freaks and Geeks), please email us here or find us on twitter @seabythecity.

jamesfranco1 jamesfranco2


Dear FEMA, Please give us 2.5 Million for trees. Thank You, Love the City of Long Beach


“That Does Not Look Marvelous….”

No, Billy Crystal didn’t actually say that, but I’m sure he was thinking something similar when that photo was taken (From the City of Long Beach Facebook Page). Yes, the legendary Long Beach native Billy Crystal came to town yesterday with Senator Chuck Schumer asking FEMA to pay for tree replacement. 2.5 million big ones, to be exact. I really hope FEMA is listening because I really want my trees back!! But that’s the thing… Are going to get ANY trees this fall at all? I thought that was the plan all along. Or are Government-Issued seeds in our future? Just add water and wait 60 years….

From The City of Long Beach:

Senator Charles E. Schumer, with Long Beach Native Billy Crystal, joined members of the Long Beach City Council and City Manager Jack Schnirman to call on FEMA & HUD to provide approximately two-million five-hundred thousand dollars for tree removal & replacement throughout the City of Long Beach; Over two-thousand five-hundred trees in public areas, which are critical for flood & erosion prevention on the barrier island, were destroyed by Superstorm Sandy & must be replaced. [LINK]


6th Annual Let’s Walk, Let’s Talk: VFW Post 1384 / American Legion Post 972 (September 21st)

Join our team and come out to walk with us on Sunday, September 21, 2014.  LONG BEACH BOARDWALK @ RIVERSIDE BLVD.


Visit for more info: 6th Annual Let’s/VFW Post 1384 / American Legion Post 972

Suicide within our ranks affects all veterans, of all branches, ages and conflicts.   Even some four decades after the end of the Vietnam War, thousands of veterans of that conflict suffer from post-traumatic stress, and each day approximately 22 veterans – men and women who served our country proudly – are taking their own lives.  We’re walking for our comrades who came before us, those who will come after, and the men and women standing to our left and right.  Help us support the Long Island Crisis Center.


Sewer Lateral Service Plan (Q&A Meeting on Sept 22nd)

From the Westholme Civic Association

A good number of our members have asked about the new Sewer Lateral Service Plan being offered to the residents of Long Beach and in all honesty we probably have as many questions as you do.

We have arranged to have a representative from the City of Long Beach as well as one from Brady Risk Management present to answer any questions you may have regarding this program.

The Meeting will be held on September 22 at 7:30PM in the VFW Hall on Park Ave. 

While there will be an open Q&A session, we ask that you forward any questions you have to Since most residents will have similar questions and concerns, allowing us to organize them beforehand will hopefully save time and get 90% of your questions answered and the remaining can be asked/answered in the open Q&A session.

Once again please send any questions you wish to be answered to

Tell Governor Cuomo that we will NOT VOTE FOR HIM if he approves a LNG project off Long Beach.

A Liberty Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project off Long Beach is back on the table.  I am sure I’ll post more of this in the future, but please understand that THIS PROJECT WILL NOT LOWER YOUR FREAKIN’ TAXES. LNG will ruin our ocean, kill fishing lanes, destroy whale migration routes, be a target for terrorism and who knows what other impact it will have. 

I am not sure who wrote the following, but here is a list of things to consider:

  • Paves the way for LNG exports, too
  • Encourages fracking in this region
  • Impact on environment in local fishing areas and wildlife migration routes
  • Navigational hazard near entrance to NY harbor
  • Damaging the chance for the wind farm being considered in that area of the Atlantic Ocean, 13 miles off Rockaway Peninsula (thought to help slow hurricane force winds and decrease storm surges) (NYC Offshore Wind Collaborative wind energy project)
  • LNG ships & terminals pose potential terrorist targets (explosive potential)
  • Spilled LNG evaporates and forms a vapor cloud that could ignite

Call Governor Cuomo (518) 474-8390 and tell him NO. Email Port Ambrose and give them the finger: ( We cannot sell our ocean to these big corporations. The truth is this: We all know what Long Beach was like after Hurricane Sandy. Do we really want a LNG station off our coast if we have another big one?


Compassion Fatigue: Sandy Recovery Workshop (Sept 26th. RSVP ASAP!)

As we approach the 2nd anniversary of Super Storm Sandy sweeping across our shores, our community continues to be remarkable in its Resiliency and Strength. Our continued recovery and care for family, friends and City, is accompanied by the impact of both our emotional and personal investments.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.31.31 AMThe more we care and the more we help, the more we are open to feeling emotionally fatigued and burned out, two prominent aspects of Compassion Fatigue.

Compassion fatigue need not be limited to professional helpers. Any of us who are empathetic to the traumas and pain of others can experience symptoms of Compassion Fatigue.

The good news is that we can pack our own “Self-care Go Bag” and develop strategies for minimizing the impact of Compassion Fatigue. We can continue our work helping our neighbors and our City both in our present Recovery and in future events.

Presenter: Dr. Kimberly Johnson

Dr. Johnson recently completed certification as a Compassion Fatigue Therapist and Educator, joined the Green Cross Academy of Traumalogy, Dr. Johnson is a member of the Nassau County Medical Reserve Corps and is on the Board of the Long Beach Community Organizations Active in Disasters.

Friday, September 26th from 2 to 4 p.m.
Long Beach Public Library
111 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 11561

Please RSVP with number of attendees.

Sponsored by: Long Beach Community Organizations Active in Disasters

If you have a disability and require accommodation/s to fully participate in this activity please contact Liz Treston for information 516-304-6452.

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