A Journey of Transition from Sandy to Today to Tomorrow (October 25th)

To provide the community of Long Beach and the Barrier Island, a city impacted severely by Superstorm Sandy in 2012, a workshop on learning to transition during crisis. Coping skills, compassion fatigue and strategies for post disaster stress and anxiety will be addressed through a guided workshop by a member of the Bereavement Ministry in The Tri Parish ministries of Long Beach and Point Look Out. [LINK]

Hosted by LB Community Organizations Active in Disasters – LB COAD


(UPDATED) The Great Beige Sidewalk Planter / Water Wall of Long Beach [Opinions Galore]

Update:  I’m hearing these planters are going to be removed.

parkaveplantersThese planters appeared on the sidewalk in front of the Don Juan-strip on Park Avenue yesterday. They are a hilariously hot topic on Facebook right now, jokes about them being the Great Wall of Long Beach or when will stickers will start appearing on them. Somebody even photoshopped advertisements on them. Great stuff.

I’m worried about access. Is this even safe? Is there enough room on the street side for persons with disabilities or those with strollers? What will these planters will look like as time marches on? Are we going to see dead, unkept flowers in them? Are the bottoms of these boxes going to look gross and disgusting from dirt, grime, lard and gum? I know one thing, they will definitely be used as a garbage can because people around here have no idea how to dispose their trash.

Just look at the image below. The beige makes me want to throw up. That planter is going to look so gross in about a month or I will eat my hat. Look at that image, it’s already chipping!


I feel bad the wonderful businesses that occupy that strip. Sandbags were being used regularly to prevent flooding. Something definitely needed to be done. Obviously the last thing we want is more flooding. I’m assuming these planters will act as a water barrier. I know nothing about sewers, but I wonder if the flooding has to do with a greater issue that will hopefully one day be addressed.


On a slightly unrelated topic, that building has driven me nuts since the day it was built. Not only does it not fit with the character of Park Avenue, but I have a hard time telling the businesses apart due to the black canopies with same colored lettering. No creativity. I’m sure that’s on the landlords part, as our city has no sign code for uniformity like what the Town of North Hempstead does.

The fire in 2009 was tragic, but it was such a ripe opportunity for something special to be built there. Instead we got a strip mall-looking fucco building that floods. Yeah harsh, but that’s my opinion.

Back to the planters, how long until we see more of them appearing and obstructing our sidewalks?

Some code stuff: 

  • Sec. 23-3. – Obstruction of streets.

    It shall be unlawful for any person to obstruct any street, alley, sidewalk or public square, by allowing any wagon, cart, vehicle, merchandise, stand, garbage, debris, wood, sand, ashes, snow, ice, coal, coke, brick, stone or any encumbrance whatever to remain on such street, alley, sidewalk or public square for more than four (4) hours.

    (Code 1957, § 6-212)

    Cross reference— Responsibility for good order, § 14-287.

  • Sec. 23-4. – Encroachments.

    It shall be unlawful to erect, build or maintain any wall, fence, building, courtyard or area, show window or showcase which projects over the building line or is upon any street or boardwalk within the city. In addition to prosecution for violation of this section, the building commissioner shall cause the removal of the encroachment if the owner of the premises fails to do so after ten (10) days’ written notice and the cost of such removal shall be a charge against the property, collectible in the same manner as taxes.

    (Code 1957, § 6-214)

West School Vendor & Craft Fair (Vendors Needed!)

By popular demand, we are excited to announce the return of the annual West School Vendor & Craft Fair sponsored by the 5th grade Committee. This event will take place right in time for the holiday shopping season. On Friday, December 12, 2014 from 6PM-10PM you will have the opportunity to be a vendor and purchase table space to sell your merchandise, gift cards, foods and more!

If you or anyone you know are interested in being a vendor please email: westschoolvendorsale2014@gmail.com and we will send you a application.

West School 5th Grade Committee

“South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach” (Speculation, Demolition, Relocation)

In a recent Newsday article regarding the future of the Long Beach Medical Center:

“One option is to locate it in the former emergency department in the west wing, he said. If that proves too expensive, South Nassau will build an emergency department from scratch on the hospital grounds or at a site more centrally located in Long Beach.” [LINK]

A site more centrally located in Long Beach? Let the speculation begin! Will the current hospital site be sold to a condo developer, while a small emergency department opens somewhere central Park Avenue? And just where on Park Avenue could they be talking about?

1779170_669793586450701_1977997261705821628_nWell, there is that old Sunrise Center building across from Lancer.  What about a possible redevelopment of the Waldbaums Center? (Oh, one can dream, but most unlikely.) Sunrise Center seems possible, being that it’s been vacant for years with no real movement on that front.

The current medical center site is not flood proof/FEMA compliant. Why spend money there if it can be flood again? I highly doubt that building can be raised, so obviously change is eminent. Being that it’s bay front, that property is very valuable for developers. Probably too valuable for a hospital. Probably too valuable for one family houses as well. Condos by the bay, perhaps?  hmm…..

Let’s start betting. What’s the over/under on this? (PLEASE NOTE: This is pure speculation)medicalcondo3

Long Beach Medical Center to be Demolish??

Newsday- Long Beach hospital’s potential new owner weighs whether to raze all or part of Sandy-damaged structure

Once it owns the property, South Nassau chief executive Richard Murphy said, South Nassau will decide as quickly as possible what, if any, part of the hospital is salvageable and develop plans for opening the free-standing emergency department it has pledged to build.

Question: If Eileen Goggin wins the District Court election, does somebody take her seat on our City Council?

Can somebody please explain some local politics to me? Our Long Beach City Councilwoman Eileen Goggin is running for the Nassau Second District Court judge [LINK]. Elections are coming up on Tuesday, November 4th. If she wins, does somebody take her seat in our City Council? How does this all work? And for fun, anybody have a recommendation for who should be the replacement, if need be?

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