Ride Long Beach Streets [Saturday, May 23rd @ 11am]

11051853_878779332178382_4218809952146426018_nWhen: Saturday, May 23rd
Where: Meet at Kennedy Plaza at 11am
Event info: Ride Long Beach Streets
Over an hour long ride through Long Beach, starting at Kennedy Plaza Farmer’s Market Long Beach, NY and heading west -> new skateboard site and the bayside -> through Westholme to the West End and looping back around towards the boardwalk -> East End crossover to the Canals then North Park….finishing at the Farmer’s Market. This ride will be led and assisted by professional tour guides including Glenn, owner of Ride-On Bicycles Inc.

Bicycle mechanics from Ride-On Bicycles and Local Cycles Lbny
will be onhand to check your bicycles if you’d like!

We’ll have some great swag, educational/bicycle tips for safer riding.

iStar partnership with AvalonBay. Let’s discuss apartment demand!

Long Beach Herald: READ iStar says it needs tax break. Will not move forward with Superblock project without PILOT

“The apartments, expected to rent for $2,275 to $3,575, will be marketed to young professionals and empty-nesters. A local official with knowledge of the project, who declined to be identified, said that iStar recently brought on a developing partner, AvalonBay Communities, to invest in the project. [LINK]

Towers_ThumbnailHead over to the Long Beach Herald and read the full article , but let’s talk about that AvalonBay partnership. I was discussing this with some folks earlier today and we concluded with the following: The fact that Avalon is now involved tells us there really is a demand for these types of apartments at these prices.

As of today, The Avalon Towers (10 W. Broadway  & Edwards Blvd) advertises these rents [LINK]:Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.35.41 AMI don’t know the exact rent breakdown for iStar, but based on available info, it could look something like this:

1 bedroom…. from $2,275
2 bedroom…. to $3575

I cannot seem to figure out how many total units Avalon Towers has 109 units. If you look on their website, it appears there are 11 available:

(****as of May 22nd, 2015 [LINK])
Studio  – 0 available
1 bedroom – 7 available
2 bedroom – 3 available
3 bedroom – 1 available

I’m just putting this our there to see if the demand for 522 (1) & (2) bedroom apartments is viable or not. What do you folks think? And does anybody know how many units the Avalon Towers has total? (update: 109 units as per zillow)

NY Post: The Alterna-Hamptons. READER: Where’s LONG BEACH?

unnamedTaken from the real estate section from the New York Post, the above image was sent in my a reader who wants to know why Long Beach wasn’t mentioned as an alternative to the Hamptons. READ: Off the beachin’ path: 3 Long Island towns far from the East End

“On the barrier island of Fire Island, in the quick-hop historic village of Bellport and in the far-east town of Greenport, affordable housing prices and a lack of pretense are making these three sleepy summer retreats true contenders for the title of “the Anti-Hamptons.” Some are even leaving city life behind and moving to these beachy havens year-round. [LINK]


2015 Relay For Life of Long Beach! [May 30th]

11088405_856155554443552_8621551509923852166_nRelay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society that allows communities to celebrate cancer survivors, remember those we have lost, and fight back against this disease. It is a walk a thon in which people form teams to fundraise and join together to do something to create a day where there is less cancer and more birthdays. Nowhere else can you make the greatest impact in the fight to end cancer than when you fundraise for the American Cancer Society through the Relay For Life event in your community!
We are excited to announce the 2015 Relay For Life of Long Beach! It will take place on May 30th from 7pm – 7am on the Middle School Football Field. Visit: http://www.relayforlife.org/longbeachNY

iStar/Superblock public hearing: Time & Venue Change

istarwarsATTACK OF THE CLOWNS, but rebel residents strike back! Thanks to a push by Legislator Denise Ford, the iStar/Wayfarer/Superblock project public hearing is now at City Hall on Wednesday, June 3 at 6pm.

Ford Secures Location for i-Star Public Hearing
Nassau County Legislator Denise Ford is pleased to announce that, through her persistent efforts, the i-Star public hearing has been re-scheduled for June 3, 2015, at 6:00pm at Long Beach City Hall. The purpose of the hearing is for the Nassau County IDA to review the application for proposed tax credits submitted by Long Beach Wayfarer LLC for the proposed building of two 15-story towers on the portion of land known as the “Super Block.”

WHEN: June 3, 2015 at 6:00pm
WHERE: Long Beach City Hall 1 West Chester Street, Long Beach

All concerned residents are urged to attend this meeting.

Meanwhile…Westholme Civic Association did some math regarding those 450 jobs we were promised. This was written on their Facebook page:

When is 30 jobs 450 jobs?

Some of us had the chance to view the actual application that iStar submitted to the Nassau County IDA. We will be posting some of the application in the next few days, we need to wait for it to be mailed( Mailed? This is 2015 right?). Some notes that we took away from the viewing:
The current tax bill on the property is $1,103.795
The height of the building will be 166’9″
The number of jobs in the building in the first year will be 10 Maintenance, 5 in the Health Club and a resident manager, in year 3 that total will grow to 30 (20,9,1)
Phase 1 is projected to be complete in 9/2018
Phase 2 is projected to be complete in 12/2018
10% of the housing will be set aside for those households make less than 130% of the median Long Island Household income
The project is expected to add 23 students to the school district
Only 18% of the residents are expected to come from outside of Nassau County
One section of the application stated 1450 construction jobs and another mentioned 2200(we need to wait for our postman on that)
The projected 450 jobs are “indirect” jobs based on some report they made.
There will be NO impact on traffic in the 5 intersections around the site

As we said when we receive the copies we will post them for you. One question we have is if over 80% of the people will be moving from other parts of Nassau County are they really creating 450 jobs or just moving them around? [LINK]


Let’s Play: Where in Long Beach? [ROUND 2]

WHERE IN LONG BEACH? I recently took the following image in Long Beach. Can you guess where?

RULES: Only guesses on the blog count. I can’t keep track of seeing who comments first on the social media pages. Winner gets name added to the ranking, which is listed below. Maybe a prize to the person who has the most wins by the end of the year. I’ll think of something. Just make sure you use the same name and a real email so I can contact you!

Screen Shot 2015-05-21 at 10.39.33 AMClick here to view the previous game(s). The current ranking so far is as follows (UPDATED):

1. Cynthia (1)
Captain Obvious (1) 


“If Republicans want our votes, they need to show up and start staking out positions” – Resident on CC meetings

Dear Seabythecity:

The City Council meeting last night covered the new budget and capital improvement program and bonding approvals. I though for sure that the Republican candidates would be there and ask questions. It appears as if only one of the people running, Ms. Quinn, was in attendance and she asked no questions and left mid-way through the meeting.

If Republicans want our votes, they need to show up and start staking out positions. Disappointed to say the least. I was looking forward to seeing them in action.  I was truly disappointed.  I want a formidable challenger if for no other reason to keep the incumbents on their toes and honest.

–  Anonymous

Bike Pump at Lafayette needs some fixing [& Long Beach Response App]

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.38.57 PMA resident asks: “I know this is minor, but my bike is flat! This pump has not worked and I don’t expect it to ever work without a complaint or request. It’s on Lafayette. Who do I whine to?”

Well, one of my friends suggested the Long Beach Response App. I know this pump was donated to the city many moons ago. Did the city take it over after the boardwalk rebuild? In either case, let’s all submit this on the app to be fixed!

Speaking of the Long Beach Response App, I found this review on itunes to be highly entertaining:Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 1.26.46 PM(cough cough) #longbeachnynotcalifornia

LB Herald: School budget passes, Tangney and Mininsky retain seats

Long Beach Herald has all the news you need regarding yesterday’s school budget/trustee vote. READ: School budget passes, Tangney and Mininsky retain seats

“By a count of 1,140 votes to 462, residents overwhelmingly approved the Long Beach School District’s $131.9 million budget for 2015-16 on Tuesday. The passing rate of 71 percent approval is the largest passing margin in over 15 years, school officials said.

The spending plan is a 1.48 percent increase over the current budget, and includes a 3.19 percent increase to the tax levy, the maximum allowed amount under the state’s tax cap formula. School officials say it will help the district get on a path to long-term financial sustainability and rely less on its reserve funds in the future. [LINK]

Indigo Apparel: Local Eco-Friendly Handmade Fashion

unnamedJust wanted to introduce myself- I’m Jackii, a Long Beach-er with an eco-friendly clothing line I’d like to share with you. I’ve been working on Indigo Apparel for about 2 years, and this year I have the opportunity to do some fairs/events in Long Beach. The line is made of organic bamboo and organic cotton which I hand dye with low impact dyes.

You can watch a short video/get more info on the collection here- I’ve launched this kickstarter today- https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/jackii/indigo-statement-collection-summer-2015

I will be at Arts in the Plaza, as well as the boardwalk fairs, and am looking to get my name out as much as possible.

New Trolley Route! [and YES, Inspired by the route created here!]

Here is the new city transportation map, including the new trolley route:


Trolley ride is $2.25 or FREE with beach pass! FREE! Now you have no excuse!This could be a real big boost for local businesses, particularly those in the West End attracting us hate-to-drive-and-park East End folks.

Believe it or not, but the city took inspiration from the map John McNally and I created last summer:  A GRASSROOTS RE-ROUTE OF THE TROLLEY ROUTE. I’M REALLY ROOTING FOR THIS!



Who’s the boss?

“With elections coming up, if you do a piece about the local party bosses I think your loyal subjects will go nuts commenting, especially if you add some humor.”

Everybody wants me to write an article about party bosses, but what do I write?  Do I even want to bother? “Who’s really running things in Long Beach?” I’m asked, “who’s the boss?

Oh, Who’s the Boss? I can write about that!

There’s a power struggle at the Bower household. It’s Angela’s home but the very driven Tony is the one who keeps it clean. Tony has major influence over Angela, but most of that is just sexual tension. Tony also struggles with Samantha, but she’s only there because they are related. What’s the deal with Jonathan? Is he even needed? I don’t know, that kid is such a dweeb. Oh, but the true Phantom Menace is Mona, Angela’s mom. Mona lurks in the background, strategically jibs and jabs and secretly controls them all with smoke, wires and mirrors.

Who’s the Boss? Aired on ABC from 1984 to 1992 [wiki].whostheboss

Resident solution for Park Avenue Garbage/Recycling pickup

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 11.12.51 AMA possible solution for Park Avenue garbage pickup. Sent in by a resident who said the city tried this back in 2002 and it worked, but has since been abandoned for no particular reason. Let us know what you think!

“Garbage is a kind of blight.  It is not aesthetically pleasing and the longer it stays out the worse it is and the more likely it will blow in the street. So the idea is to put it out as close to pick up time as possible. Some businesses open early and close early. Some businesses open late and close late. All businesses have staff present between 11am and 4pm. The sanitation and recycling pickup should occur in that time period. Sanitation dept and the stores must follow the same route and start at the same time every day. The stores will learn the range of time that Sanitation arrives daily and can fine tune when they put their stuff out so that there is as little “garbage at the curb” time as possible. This will make the streets cleaner, be more pleasing to the eye and generally be better for business all around.  Of course, the public refuse containers should be emptied at this time also and businesses should never use those containers! In the summertime, the public refuse containers may need to be emptied in the mornings also.”

The Pop Ups – Saturday Nights on the Beach Children’s Concert [June 20th @ 6:30pm]

pop-ups-website-header-3-squarespacePlease join us at 6:30PM SHARP, Saturday June 20th on The Beach at New York Ave for a children’s themed concert.

Join GRAMMY Nominated band The Pop Ups for an interactive and comedic adventure ! This high-energy educational show is propelled by Choreographed Dance Numbers, Hilarious Puppets, Dancing Bugs, Giant Glittery Shapes, Costume Parties, Award-Winning Music, and Dance Beats that will catapult both young and old out of their seats and off their blankets!

Also performing that evening will The Amazing Max, star of the hit Off-Broadway Magic Show. He can be seen as a guest artist and magic consultant on Season 3 & 4 of “Brain Games,” airing on the National Geographic Channel. His TV credits also include “Black Box” and hosting the hit Nickelodeon show “Game Farm!”

Please save the date and since this show will start PROMPTLY AT 6:30PM don’t be late. Here is the Event Page on Facebook: The Pop Ups – Saturday Nights on the Beach Children’s Concert

Best way to patch a pothole is to NOT drive over the new blacktop with a truck

If you drive over the new a blacktop, you are just pushing it back and forth. You need to pack it straight down with a tool like this:

670px-Fix-a-Hole-in-an-Asphalt-Driveway-Step-7I KNOW THIS BASED ON EXPERIENCE! Oh and plus I read a whole thing about it recently. Case in point: That large pothole on E. Park Avenue and Maple Blvd near the ‘welcome’ sign – that will always be an issue, unless it’s packed down properly.


Welcome to rants, rumors, insanity, personal feelings, opinions and maybe some news. Welcome to the unofficial blog of long beach, ny.