Thievery in the West End: A Post from a Concerned Resident

A West End  resident asked me to post the following message with the hopes of building community awareness on recent thefts that have occurred:

Hi Anthony,

I am a big fan of your blog and follow it closely. I believe you may have touched on this topic in the past: bike theft (and theft of other property).

I would like to tell you our story. Over the past year, we have had multiple items stolen from us on Indiana Avenue. What transpired this past Wednesday afternoon takes the cake and has prompted us to try to spread the word far and wide, through social media channels, neighbors, etc. It seems as if things have rapidly gone downhill in our part of the West End as it would pertain to property theft.

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A resident weighs in on the “over the dune” ramp & railings (Opinion)

(Video of the ramp in question, provided by Noel)

Dear Sea By The City Blogger:

Would you please take a look at the railings for the ramps being built “over” the “dunes?” Last night I could not believe what I saw, what has been / is being built. Go to Neptune and Shore, walk east a little bit, and tell me what you think.

Maybe we can accept a RAMP to go east, then west, then south, then east, to get to a SHORT beach — that use to be soft white sand…..but do we have to do it as cattle are accustomed? Go see this, now.  These new ramps will be a great place to hide, hang out, and do whatever. Yeah, that’s definitely what we need.

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A Skate Park is coming in 2015: RUN FOR THE HILLS, THE END IS NEAR! (opinion)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.41.10 AMTo add to the conversation that started in my last post on the topic of skate parks (see - RUMOR ALERT: IS A NEW SKATEPARK COMING TO THE BOARDWALK AREA?). The above image was taken from our city Capital Improvement Plan 2014/15 Capital Budget. I tried to highlight Skate Park in blue, but it’s really hard to see. The city has 300k allocated for a skate park in 2015. It will be a real cement skate park and the city will seek input from the local skating community.


A real cement skate park is key to this whole ordeal. A real cement skate park will attract real skaters to Long Beach, plus who knows what else. Remember before Quiksilver Pro there were rumors of legendary pro Skater Tony Hawk coming here? ( Yes, I am talking that level. A real cement skate park by the boardwalk by the beach could make for some really interesting entertainment opportunities. Maybe amateur pro skating contests or even more, like how Pro Surfer Kelly Slater surfed in our waters. Yes, I am dreaming, but it could happen.

Just to clarify, It turned out that Tony Hawk was part of the NYC portion of Quiksilver Pro 2011.  Please don’t start ‘Tony Hawk coming to LB’ rumors, I was just using that as an example and we jumped that ship already. 



While I do think a skate park is “cool” and a “win-win,” I am also a believer that not everything needs to be developed for money. One aspect I love about Long Beach (and one of the reasons why I moved here) is access to all the great parks we have. Not just the beach, but all the playgrounds as well.  With my 2 year old, I’m able to my walk from my house to various different playgrounds around the city. So it’s a quality of life issue for me and my family. The “parks are money loser” argument drives me crazy. The last place I would ever want to live in is an overdeveloped shopping mall where there is nothing to do, but buy things. Parks are where people of all ages interact, get fresh air, exercise and grow. Yes, a skate park isn’t for 2 year olds, but it is something for older kids and even adults to do.

On the flip side, it is in the Long Beach best interest to have the best parks around. These amazing parks will attract people to come here and spend money, or residents to have more “staycations.” Oh I hate that term, but it’s true. If everything I could possibly want is already here, why would I vacation in other beach towns like out east, Maryland or Jersey shore?


What are the benefits of a skate park? Here is an article that explains six. I’ll break it down:


That article does fail to talk about the negative effects a skate park can bring: The plague, giant baby-eating locusts and sharknados.

Since many like to talk about nothing, but money, the economic impact would be more of the trickle-down effect: a cement skate park by the beach by the boardwalk is an attraction.  Events, clinics and entertainment are a given, plus put some food near this skate park and you will have a lot of hungry skaters buying food from the local who is selling it. If any of you know anything about economics, you need to keep money flowing as much as possible, but as local as possible too. It’s the best way to help a community out.


As far as “low-lifes,” the term that some of you like to use. I really dislike that term because it’s so generalizing and profiling. I mean, what defines a low-life? Don’t forget, we were all kids once. Just because a kid likes skateboarding over your typical American baseball, does that make that kid a low life? For those who think yes,  it tells me you’re either insecure or afraid of something you’re unfamiliar with. Just let it go and have fun with your life. Don’t worry so much. Life is short. Let kids have a place to hang out and have fun.

If we are going to use the low-life term, I tend to think the influx bars we have around town generate more low-lifes than a skate park ever could. I mean, I love to drink as much as the next guy, but do we really need so many places that serve alcohol? Places where adults get drunk, yell out load, piss and throw up on private property? Why don’t we complain about that? If we are so worried about a skate park, then I suggest we take out everything “fun” in Long beach and do nothing, but stare at walls. What I am trying to say is, there needs to be a place for everybody. Long Beach is recreation, after all. Some like to skate, some like to drink. Can’t we all co-exist and love each other? Last week at the Boardwalk Phase II meeting, this lady stood up and said how she didn’t want any more Minigolf. I just don’t understand how activities like minigolf effects somebody so much.

Sorry, this turned into a bit of a rant, but that’s what I do. I blog.

Children’s Night Show – Danny Weinkauf (of They Might Be Giants fame) plus the magic of Rory Wheeler (Saturday Night @ 6:30pm)

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 6.55.06 AMWe are thrilled present another Children’s Night Show. Join us this Saturday Evening on Neptune Blvd for a concert with Danny Weinkauf and his Band along with the magic of Rory Wheeler.

Danny is a Grammy winner and longtime bassists with They Might Be Giants and will be performing the hit songs:
Champion of the Spelling Bee
The Moon is Made of Cheese
And TMBG favorites – I am a Paleontologist and Where do they Make Balloons, along with many more.

Rory Wheeler has been mesmerizing audiences for the past 15 years. His unique brand of magic blends humor, misdirection, and world class sleight of hand into an interactive and captivating encounter.

Saturday Night’s show starts PROMPTLY AT 6:30PM. By now you know the routine, grab your chair or blanket, grab the kids, hop on the bike and come down to Neptune Blvd.
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RUMOR ALERT: Is a new Skatepark coming to the boardwalk area?

My sources are telling me that a new skatepark could possibly happen. It won’t be boardwalk level, but on the street- similar to how Magnolia Park is situated. The exact street location of this skatepark is still unclear.

As a resident, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark would be  another form of entertainment, plus a place for us residents, especially those who are younger, to hang out and have some fun (Long Beach is recreation, after all).

As a Taxpayer, I would absolutely love this. A skatepark off the boardwalk could open up so many new opportunities for the city to raise money; whether through events or clinics. We are already a surf destination; Long Beach as a skate destination is completely possible and a skatepark off the boardwalk would almost guarantee it (who wants to open a skateboard shop with me?).

Let’s face it, a skatepark and a boardwalk go hand-in -hand. I’ll post more info as soon as I get it.


Rambling on Wastewater Pipes (Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan)

Update: Ok, so now It seems like you are being auto-enrolled, unless you tell them no. That’s terrible! I actually took the letter and tore it up, thinking it was junk mail. 

Update 2: For those wondering where Brady Risk came in, here is the link for the bid that our city issued [LINK]


Don’t we all love talking about pipes that carry that crap? I know I do!

A lot of us are wondering what the deal is with this new Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan. Please note: This is regarding the sewer pipe (Sewer Lateral) that goes from your house/business to the street. I blogged about this back in January when the city passed the plan (see – SEWER INSPECTIONS AND POTENTIAL NEW COSTS FOR HOME BUYERS.) Many of the sewer pipes around the city need to be replaced or serviced. It seems like the city is basically ensuring that this responsibly is on the property owner.

Being that these pipes are on private property, are they wrong? Many feel this is unfair, but I kinda don’t (sorry, but I am open to hearing your opinions). I had to get my sewer lateral replaced right after Sandy and it did not cost me $10,000. In fact, it was less than a third of that. Granted, every situation is different, but for the most part we all have houses that are very close to the street, so don’t be afraid of that $10,000 price tag. If you are going to sell your house, just make sure you have that pipe checked out, serviced/and or replaced beforehand. This is what I wrote in my January 2014 article:

I had to replace my main because it was original from the 1950s. From what I understand, it was a type called Orangeburg. This pipe essentimgres-1ially crumbled and twisted; most of my waste was going into the ground on my property and not in the street sewer line. That’s not a good situation for me or anybody. It was very easy for roots to penetrate the pipe and it was unrepairable – you couldn’t just fix it with one of those liquid liners. There are some very old houses in Long Beach.  A lot of them are not kept up. Can you imagine what contaminants some of these houses are polluting our grounds with? [Seabythecity]

What is the deal with Brady Risk Environmental? I guess in a way to keep these costs down, the city is presenting us with the Private Sewer Lateral Service Plan, which is just that – a service plan for your sewer with monthly fees if you enroll. I am confused over this deal with Brady Risk and would love some clarification, but I am assuming you can still enroll in your own service plan of choice? Anybody? Anybody? 

Since I just had my sewer lateral replaced, I don’t plan on enrolling (I am keeping my receipt just in case). I’m no plumber, so I cannot tell you what to do, but I personally think your best bet is to call up a reputable plumber, one that has one of those pipe cameras to  see what condition your lateral pipe is in the first place. Do that before you do anything. They will show you the live video and some will even actually record the footage and burn it on DVD for you (a possibly LB Movie Night flick for the future?)

See the city info on this topic below:

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Boardwalk Phase II meeting – My Experience


(rendering of a possible bump-out w/shade, concessions, seating and bathrooms)

Sustainable Long Island hosted three public meetings this week regarding the Phase II of our boardwalk. This phase concerns design elements, amenities (bathrooms!) and concessions. For those who weren’t able to attend, you can still participate via online survey:  [LINK]. This survey does not last forever, so take it as soon as you can.

I attended one of these meetings, so here’s my experience:

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Yellow Water

A friend of mine in Long Beach has allowed me to share the photo below with the following caption:

From left to right. Poland springs, our filtered water, water straight from our kitchen faucet. Hmmm….


My personal LB-water experience: The water in my house was so yellow, it was actually borderline brown. A few years ago I got a filter for my entire house and it was the best home-decision I’ve ever made. I feel healthier with it and my skin looks better too!  We are told that Long Beach water is safe, but who wants to drink yellow water?

My friend did post a followup photo (below) which shows a much improved looking glass of filtered water. Filters do take a while to kick in. If you get one that filters your entire house, the pipes will actually get cleaner over time. I highly recommend you get one.

But getting back to the real issue: Our water in Long Beach has been yellow for years. Most deal with it, but should they? Is this water really safe to drink? Discuss…


Casablanca: Saturday @ 7:30PM Lafayette Blvd Beach [Long Beach Movie Nights]

995064_322419891264830_1053492907178924816_nBogart, Bergman and Long Beach

Please note: This movie has been rated PG for Mild Violence and Pervasive Smoking.ratedPG

Gripping, beautiful and genuinely moving, this espionage thriller has become one of the most celebrated films of all time. Bogart’s cool demeanor belies a heart of gold when he encounters an old flame in the war torn, exotic city of Casablanca. Ingrid Bergman is never more ravishing, desperate and courageous, and romance never more delicate, than in this timeless classic. See it under the stars and on the big screen! Continue reading

I really appreciate this twitter hashtag: #longbeachnynotcalifornia

“All Our Energy” Event: Interconnected with The Sierra Club [LB Library this Wednesday @ 7:30pm]

All Our Energy’s “Interconnected” series is a monthly forum on environmental / renewable energy / sustainability / policy and related issues and ways the public can get involved. That is all interconnected. We are all interconnected..

August 2014: “Interconnected with The Sierra Club” The National group are organizing to get everyone they can to People’s Climate March in NYC on 9/21/14. 200,000 people are expected to March, representing 550 national and international organizations (and growing). The March is during UN Climate Week to let worldwide leaders know action on climate change has massive public support at the level of being a demand.

The local Long Island Sierra Club chapter will present their initiatives and ways to get involved on a local level, as well.


Group: “Interconnected with The Sierra Club”.”
Date: August 20, 2014 7:30pm
Where: Long Beach Public Library
AD: 111 Park Ave. Long Beach, NY 11561

Event on Facebook:


Boardwalk Phase II Sessions are this Week!

Boardwalk Phase II Community Meetings 7:00-9:00pm :

Aug. 18th: LB Public Library for Central City Residents
Aug. 20th: West End Rec Center for West End Residents
Aug. 21st: East Elementary School for East End Residents

Take the survey if you haven’t already:

This 20 Question survey is being administered to identify how people use the boardwalk and what amenities are important to residents and business owners for consideration in Phase II of the Boardwalk redevelopment. [Click here for Survey]

So what are you looking for? Bump-outs? Piers? Places to pee? More food? Shade structures?  I just want my old ramp back!!

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