“LONG Beach, or LNG Beach” on Wednesday, October 8 at 7 pm at Long Beach Public Library [It's the issue that just won't go away!]

Long Beach faces a newly revised and revitalized push to install a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) Port off Its shore. This “plan” will probably be fast tracked, right during the winter when thousands of beachgoers and surfers are not as easily mobilized. Last time we had no warning. This time we must be prepared. Local opposition will take shape at this event.

Be the local voice with us!

Wednesday, October 8th at 7pm
Long Beach Public Library
111 West Park Avenue

For more information on this event, please visit the website or join the event on facebook.


Bringing bicycle riding awareness/safety/education to Long Beach. Chime in with a few ideas of your own. Constructive conversation only, please :)

Let’s make a few things clear about transportation: Riding a bicycle is a right, driving an automobile is a privilege. You need a license to operate a motorized vehicle. It might seem crazy to ride a bicycles on busy roads such as Park Avenue or Beech, but they have every right to be there as much as cars do, especially since it’s illegal to ride a bike on a sidewalk. That being said, there needs to be more bike awareness and education on bike safety in Long Beach. Once you hop on that bike and start peddling, you are at risk. [disclaimer: don't take my advice to bike on the busy streets. Please bike at your own risk!]

I recently attended a Long Beach Streets meeting where we talked about was to bring bicycle riding awareness to Long Beach. Here is an extremely brief overview of just a few things that came up, plus a few of my own propaganda ideas:

  • There is a responsibly for not just drivers on the road, but for bicyclists as well. Bike riding laws should be enforced: helmets on children, proper amount of reflective gear when riding at night, obeying the street laws such as not going the wrong way on a one way. I am guilty of the later myself, but when cars are making turns on a one-way from a boulevard, chances are the driver is not looking in your direction, but the direction of the traffic.
  • There should be a Bicycle Safety Class at our schools. Even if just a few kids pay attention, it’s better than none. The same way how we learn Drivers Education, kids should learn the consequences of reckless bike riding.
  • Social bike clinics where you learn how to care for your bike, fix flats and learn about road laws and even how to ride a bike.
  • Promoting the health/economic benefits of riding a bike: riding a bike burns calories, driving a car burns gas (and lots of it).
  • The use of reflectors, reflective stickers, blinking lights – anything that makes you more visible at night.
  • The LIRR station bikes racks are a mess. They are overcrowded and not enough racks, bikes are stolen or people feel unsafe in the area especially at night. Something needs to be done to address these issues.
  • Bike riding is not only for recreation, but for transportation as well. Not everybody in Long Beach is riding a bike just to smell the salt air, soak in the sun and people watch on the boardwalk.
  • Right On Red (this is for automobiles).Technically, you are supposed to make a full stop before you make that right turn on red. Many drivers don’t. Being that Long Beach is a dense populated city (not suburbia) filled with cyclists & pedestrians, should we ban the Right on Red privilege? Right now you are allowed to turn right on red, unless there is a sign saying otherwise. I say we make it that way across the board, just like NYC.

I am putting all this it there as a way to bring up the conversation on a much wider level. What are your ideas on bringing bicycle riding awareness to Long Beach? What would you do to make riding safer in this town? And please, don’t write how you want to ban bikes. People, such as myself, love to bike around town and we have every right to do it as much as you love to drive. Please be smart with your comments or don’t comment at all. The comments on this blog are starting to resemble the patch and I am going to have to start moderating as it is..

An advocacy bike group is in the mist of being formed, so if you’re interested, please visit Long Beach Streets on Facebook where Allison writes about crazy bike stuff all the time. You can also comment here or contact me and I can get you in touch with Allison myself.

Hey Long Beachers, Somebody got shot and killed not too far from where you live

Sorry I’ve been pretty quiet with the blog lately. I have several unfinished drafts of good topics almost ready to go. Just been kinda busy lately.

By now I am sure you’ll heard about the shooting at the Channel Park Homes. You can talk all about that here, so you don’t hijack other threads. The LB Herald has the story on their website: Police investigating fatal shooting at Channel Park Homes. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Brown family and friends.

Is the killer still on the loose?

Candidate Forum Thursday Oct. 2nd 7:00PM. Hosted by The Westholme Civic Association

On Thursday Oct 2  at 7:00PM The Westholme Civic Association will be hosting a candidate forum for the New York State Assembly, 20th District.  This meeting will be be held at the VFW Hall 675 West Park Ave.

We are fortunate that both candidates running for this office have accepted our invitation.  In addition both candidates for the Long Beach City Court Judgeship will be in attendance to speak of their qualifications.

Please think about the issues that are important to you, your family, our community and our great state and come find out where the candidates stand on these issues.  The candidates will be taking your questions so please come prepared with questions.

We asked each to provide a short bio/profile for us to share with you. Listed below are the bio/profiles for each candidate.  The bio/profile was provided by each candidate.

We hope you are able to attend this meeting to learn more about the candidates and please remember to make sure you vote on November 4th.  We hope to see you at the next meeting
NOTE: The following responses were copied directly from the response email and were not altered in anyway. Continue reading


Georgia Park renovation is underway (a rendering and possible timeframe of when work might be done)

A reader named Erica wrote in asking about the Georgia Park renovation:

We have been loving the Georgia park playground and all of a sudden showed up yesterday only to find it was being demolished (sad face). The city site said it was sandy damaged & being upgraded. So my question for you: Any info on what type of play structure is going up? Time frame on reopening? Thanks so much!!

I am extremely excited to see that work is underway, the park needs it and the kids need great place to play! I asked City Councilmen Anthony Eramo, who quickly got back to me with this:

The photo (below) does not show the water features, shaded benches and any floral installations.
The timing depends on the weather. Hopefully Oct will be mild. If so the contractors will be able to adhere the safety surface properly thus the playground will be basically done fairly quickly.
Anthony Eramo
(click image for a larger view)

Long Beach among the Safest Cities in NYS? We are #21 according to some website

Hey look, Long Beach is apparently one of the safest cities in New York State. That is according to research done by Safe Choice Security News:

To insure the accuracy of our research we compare crime statistics from the FBI’s census data, with a focus on violent and property crimes. According to the compiled data, your town is safer than 74% of the nation. You’ll find more information on Long Beach, as well as the rest of the list, at http://www.safechoicesecurity.com/blog/safest-cities-new-york/

21. Long Beach, NY

Long Beach, NY: Safest Cities in New YorkThe city of Long Beach is another safe city located in Nassau County south of Long Island, on the Long Beach Barrier Island. It is also known as “The City by the Sea” and offers impressive parks, recreation, historic sites and landmarks. The City oversees the Atlantic Ocean on the south and is surrounded by the Reynolds Channel on its other sides. It was named one of the 25 cleanest shores in the United States. The city had a beautiful boardwalk along the sea, which was unfortunately destroyed in 2012 by the Hurricane Sandy, and it is still recovering. For the many who use Long Beach as a bedroom community, the city is well connected with rail road and bus systems. The Long Beach Police Department ensures the safety of the town through a variety of initiatives designed to keep crime rates low.

Population: 33,000
Violent Crimes per 1000: 1.34
Property Crimes per 1000: 9.38
Crime Index: 74
Safer than 74% of US cities
Do you all feel safe around here? As a pedestrian or cyclist I don’t all the time, but this research is based on violent and property crimes, not the crime of speeding down a street or running a stop sign.
Now I’m supposed to embed this safety badge on my website, but it looks more like an add to me:safest-cities-new-york-award

New Library Branch in the West End? Not Without Your Support (Meeting Sept 17th)

At the August WENCA (West End Neighbors Civic Assoc.) meeting, WENCA Secretary Maria Fitzgerald gave a brief presentation regarding a proposal to open a library branch in the West End. She was quick to point out that we are not talking about reopening the type of branch the West End had before Sandy. We are talking about something new and much more useful to residents. Unlike the previous West End Branch that didn’t reopen after the storm, the proposed new branch will be more centrally located and take full advantage of all the technological and socially interactive advances that have propelled modern libraries into the future…and back into people’s busy lives. Including use for senior citizens, book clubs, and after-school programs (a list of more proposed benefits in just a moment). Continue reading

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