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Commemorating The Wreck of the Mexico at Long Beach (1837) [October 20th]

The Long Beach Island Landmarks Association (LBILA) will commemorate the loss of the 115 passengers and crew members when the ship Mexico wrecked on January 2, 1837, just two hundred yards off of Long Beach. The victims – most of them Irish immigrants – froze to death on the deck of the ship, within sight of the land of their dreams. The unveiling of a plaque near the spot where they perished will help us remember this terrible tragedy. Joining the LBILA are many local historical societies and community groups who want to share their connection with those who died that day. 

For the past 20 years, the AOH of Nassau County and Historical Society of East Rockaway and Lynbrook have sponsored an annual ceremony at the victims’ gravesite in Lynbrook.  The LBILA is pleased to host this year’s ceremony with the unveiling of a historic plaque on the boardwalk. Saturday, October 20, 2018 at 11 AM. On the boardwalk at Lincoln Blvd. in Long Beach, N.Y.


Chamber of Commerce Planter Fundraiser

From the Fundraiser page: The Long Beach Chamber of Commerce has received numerous inquiries from business owners & residents alike, regarding the empty planters along the business district on Park Ave. Currently the City’s budget does not have the funds to fill these planters and so the New Chamber of Commerce is excited for the opportunity to bring the community together via “Beautify Long Beach.”

Your donation will go towards the planting & upkeep of Long Beach City planters all over the city. To donate, visit: Beautify Long Beach, The City By The Sea

A Letter to our City Council [Guest Post]

The following letter by resident Neal Monteko was sent to our city council. This is a response to the videos that were recently posted on this blog: [LINK]

Written by Neal Monteko

I would like to take this opportunity to thank and support Council members Bendo and Moore for responsible stewardship and their valor in behaving as genuine trustees and fiduciaries of the public interest.

It is fairly clear from the videotape  of the April 17 meeting that City management and their Council colleagues failed to provide them with the information they required in a timely fashion to do their due diligence in determining the accuracy, benefits, and concerns of the details and ramifications of the bond issuance. They had no choice but to vote against it under these circumstances and lucky for the taxpayer that they did as it is quite apparent that there are many valid concerns, not the least of which is the number of employees who continue to work for the City who were recipients of separation payments. Even more important are the potential improprieties of the bond issuance based on its defined purpose to fund separation payments versus the admission that the payments were already made.

Our local governance cannot be effective or encourage citizen engagement when its elected representatives operate in a culture of exclusion and policy is generated from behind a veil. That the current City Council President was involved as a Council member with respect to the agreements with the I-Star is troubling as it suggests a similar modus operandi: transparency compromised in the name of insider dealings. When the City Council agreed to not comment on the real estate developer welfare that I-Star tried to get to fund their profits, they compromised their responsibilities as representatives and trustees of the community. By trying to slip this bond issue past their colleagues Bendo and Moore, they undermined their colleagues’ representation of the City.

Kudos to Bendo and Moore for respecting their charge, respecting the voters, and living up to requirements of their office.

In the meantime, the failed bond should be investigated, as well as the payments made. Without an independent and expeditious investigation, the City cannot move forward with a clean slate.

Rally! Bring Back the Bus [Tuesday, May 1st at 6:30pm. City Hall]

Call to action! Pre-City Council meeting rally – Meet at 6:30 and we’re bringing it into the City Council Meeting at 7pm.

Stand in solidarity with WORKERS, DISABLED, LOW-COME, COMMUTERS, CAR-LESS, DISADVANTAGED and ALL RESIDENTS and visitors on the barrier island who were affected by the CRUEL drastic bus cuts – people were denied their RIGHTS to a public meeting. RALLY and DEMAND our bus services be restored immediately.

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION should never be on the chopping block!!!

Adding insult to injury, the city has been using the municipal bus illegally for private charters at taxpayers expense, while everyday bus riders are left on the curb – ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

#bringthebusback #mobilityrights #transportationequity

View Event here: Rally! Bring Back the Bus

City of Long Beach: Bring the Bus Back! Restore all Long Beach Bus Service! [SIGN THE PETITION!]

The City of Long Beach City Council has allowed drastic bus cuts to the municipal bus service without holding a public meeting. The cuts were announced on the city webpage three days before they went into effect.

We want all bus service restored. We want the required public meetings to be held before any changes are made.

Restore the City of Long Beach, NY Municipal Bus


Long Island Streets ( started this petition to The City of Long Beach, City Council and Acting City Manager.

Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market: May 5th is Opening Day!

Welcome to the 2018 Farmers Market Season! Long Beach welcomes Local Farmers and Food Artisans to its community and visitors throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons. This is our 10th Anniversary Season and we are celebrating all season long!

Our several vendors include items like: fresh vegetables, bread, fish, iced teas, local beers, oils & tapenades, and baked goods. Cheeses, Vegan and gluten-free items available, too! The Kennedy Plaza Farmers Market runs Saturdays and Wednesdays from 9am -2pm. (Wednesdays will begin May 19th)

Join us for Opening Day on Saturday, May 5th. The Farmers Market is central to “Long Beach Life,” as a community hub, and favorite Beach community event. Help us begin our 10th Anniversary season and enjoy the tastes of Local Long Island.

Saturday, May 5 at 9 AM – 2 PM
Kennedy Plaza Farmersmarket
1 W Chester St, Long Beach, New York 11561

Public transportation is a civil right [Guest Author]

Public transportation is a civil right

What you have done, City Council and Micheal Tangney, is taken away a lifeline for disabled and seniors.

You are increasing traffic on weekends and the likelihood that someone will drive drunk. Someone you know and love could be maimed or killed because you cut bus service. You are cruel.

And you are telling people who do not own cars – including low income residents and people with disabilities that they are third class citizens, not worthy of a most basic public service.
How very unprogressive you all are for allowing the Acting City Manager to steer this city towards a cruel and unusual punishment simply because you all failed in holding Jack Schnirman accountable for mismanagement.

Public transportation is a civil right and you have taken away services to underprivileged people here. 

You need to look into legal issues with removing a bus route (Pt Lookout) that was written into federal grants. Don’t you dare put one penny of that money in the general pot – that would be federal fraud.

Shut the recreation center down, do not block the PUBLIC SERVICE that residents (voters) rely on for mobility.
-Allison Blanchette, Long Island Streets

Help build a Tiny House and raise money for Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County!

Help is needed to get funds for the Tiny Beach House buildable trailer. Please consider donating a few dollars to help make this dream a reality and to ensure that all future raffle funds can go entirely to the good work of Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County.

Please Visit:


About the Project:


Back in College, I spent Spring Break building a house for Habitat for Humanity and the mental imprint it made on me was permanent. Having a home is something many of us take for granted, especially in a culture where our housing footprints keep enlarging.  I work in the home design industry so in many ways I’m part of that, but my firm also creates designs that are as sustainable as possible and are part of an increasing movement to build greener structures. Micro-living and net-zero structures are both cornerstones of that movement and the Tiny Beach House brings both TOGETHER!

The Tiny Beach House project features a live tiny house build during the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce Home & Garden Show on May 19th and 20th 2018. The Tiny Beach House will be erected primarily with salvaged construction materials/waste and will highlight sustainable building practices, resulting in a net-zero micro-model of green living.  Public tours will take place on Sunday May 20th so all Long Islanders can see how downsized greener living is just as comfortable and stylish, and can see how easy it is to build sustainably. After completion of the live 3-day public build and tours, the Tiny Beach House will be available to win in a national online forum, with all proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity in Nassau County NY.

We are asking for your one-time generous support of this project. Our gift-in-kind sponsors include SunPower by EmPower Solar, Prochillo Construction and Wolf & Wing Interior Design; however we are in need of capital contributions to cover fixed project costs such as the buildable trailer, the roof and plumbing.  Please consider contributing at the following levels to be listed as a sponsor:

Level 1: Tiny Beach House Friend $100

Level 2: Tiny Beach House Supporter $500

Level 3: Tiny Beach House Hero $1000

Our Tiny Beach House team will be deeply grateful for any size contribution you can make, and if you include your name, every single one of you will be thanked in our liner notes. It truly takes a village!!

– Amanda Moore
Wolf & Wing Interior Design, Co-Owner
Long Beach Chamber of Commerce, Board Member

Get ready for Summer with Barrier Tees!

Barrier Tees started in 2012 shortly before Hurricane Sandy. Since then we’ve been selling Long Beach related T-shirts at every Irish Day festival as well as community craft fairs and festivals. Our following grew year to year and at their request, we recently launched our on-line shop.

We are local artists who create fun, fashionable and great quality apparel for all who love the City by the Sea. Check out our latest line at Or follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter!