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Spin Class Fundraiser. 100% of proceeds to help underserved LBHS students with tutoring!

My name is Cindy. I run a small tutoring program to help underserved LBHS students in need of additional support. I started the program August 2014, last year we tutored over 500 hours and this year we tutor between 20-25 hours per week. I am holding a fundraiser 4/30 at 11:15 am at Ocean Ride Cycling Studio here in LB – I hope to raise enough money to meet the demands as we go into final and NYS Regent Exam season.  100% of all funds raised go toward paying for tutors or review books as needed.

Earth Day Celebration! Saturday, April 22, 2017

From Long Beach Parks & Recreation:

The City of Long Beach is pleased to host an Earth Day Celebration on Saturday, April 22, 2017. The event will take place in Kennedy Plaza from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Our hope is to deliver the green-living message to our residents as well as introduce our new bag ordinance. Continue reading Earth Day Celebration! Saturday, April 22, 2017

An updated schedule for the Army Corps of Engineers project

Here is an update from the City of Long Beach regarding the Army Corp Project. I’m using it as a press release since it’s basically a copy and paste. Important info, nonetheless.
An updated schedule for the Army Corps of Engineers project was released from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC)….
Continue reading An updated schedule for the Army Corps of Engineers project


Help us Get 1 Million Bags Off the Streets..

With the bag law coming into effect in Long Beach on earth day (4/22/17), there is a huge need for reusable bags that are

  1.  good quality
  2. washable
  3. shopping bag size
  4. most eco-friendly material we can afford
  5. easy to transport and remember to bring.

We are going to fill that need with your help, and with Earth day events coming up, we need bags to give away so everyone can bring their own bag and be a steward of our environment and proud member of our community. Together, we do great things. I thank you for your support!

Please Visit: All Our Energy & LI Greenmarket’s Reusable Bag Printing Fund
All Our Energy

2017 Lindell Bunny Shoot – A Night of CA$H Raffles and Fun [April 1st]

The Lindell PTA is thrilled to announce this year’s Bunny Shoot.  On April 1st we will be hosting the 2017 Lindell Bunny Shoot – A Night of CA$H Raffles and Fun.

Don’t worry this Bunny Shoot doesn’t require any weapons or ammunition – only community supporters who are willing to spend a little money on the chance of winning part CASH prizes. The night will consist of rapid fire 50/50 raffles for CA$H prizes with some goodies thrown in. There will also be a raffle table with great prizes such: Laptop – Flat Screen TV – A fully loaded beach cart and more! Buy your tickets and see if you get lucky! The pace is fast and the atmosphere is festive as everyone is there for a good cause.

Every table is its own party. Please note this event is BYOB and BYOF, so get a group of friends together and book your table now.  Book a table of 10 for only $100.  Bring a cooler, a big sandwich, a tray of buffalo wings, table games and whatever else you need to make your table the best party table of the night.  Single admission is available for $15.  Each paid admission includes a raffle for a basket of cheer.

Reserve your party table today or 718-490-9293 or

Saturday April 1st Doors open at 7:00PM – St Mary’s Community Hall

What will you win that night?

Barrier Island Army Corp Project. Editorial by Matthew Brennan, President of the Point Lookout Civic Association

Ready or not the Army Corps project will be moving to Long Beach on April 1st. While this may be a surprise to residents, this news seems to have also been a surprise to the City Manager and the City Council, despite the fact the contract they signed dictated work can occur on any beach in the project zone during any season. Well, that‘s not 100 percent accurate…the City did specify that the beaches between Long Beach Road and Magnolia were off limits between Memorial Day and Labor Day to maximize the profits from the “tourist” beaches. As a result, my community of Point Lookout along with the other partners involved in the project are unsure why there is so much indecision and obstruction coming out of City Hall. The City has objected to multiple construction plans, including ones they themselves earlier submitted, holding fast to their position that the only solution acceptable to the city is to not allow work on its beaches during the summer months. Their effort to delay the project may result in significant potential damages owed to the contractor in the millions of dollars that the City will be responsible for. More importantly, this obstruction leaves our ocean side barrier island coastline vulnerable for significantly longer than necessary, potentially setting the project back months. This will leave not only Long Beach and the barrier island residents vulnerable to storms, but also the waterfront communities of Freeport, Oceanside and areas of the five towns as they were all impacted by ocean side storm surge during Sandy in addition to localized bay flooding.

As the president of the Point Lookout Civic Association, I have had the privilege of collaborating with the Army Corps and the contractor since the outset of work in the Point Lookout area this past summer. The contractor worked with us to have our beaches open on weekends and cleaned the entire beach for the Labor Day Weekend. The Army Corps has made every effort to work with the City to finalize a plan. And despite what has been conveyed to the press, the reason the project is moving to Long Beach is not because it is ahead of schedule as the City contends, but the terms of the construction permit issued clearly stipulated that work could not occur from April 1 through September 1 within the designated Piping Plover nesting area, which is essentially the entire Point Lookout area beach. The work will resume in the fall of 2017 in Point Lookout to finalize projects that the contractor could not complete prior to April 1.

So why does the City want its residents to remain vulnerable? You will need to ask them. The only reason I have heard was that this work would “cripple the local economy.” This is a fallacy not based on any quantifiable measures. The City of Long Beach had enough foresight when the contract was written that work could not occur on their tourist beaches yet somehow following the City’s request is still going to cripple the City? Additionally, the contractor will only engage in work on two groins at a time and only on weekdays. I cannot imagine that residents or tourists will not simply walk an extra block along the boardwalk to an unaffected beach, instead of refusing to purchase seasonal and daily passes as the City may fear. I can assure you, when Civic Beach in Point Lookout was 70% closed during weekdays in August, residents didn’t stay home, they simply walked a little further to beaches not impacted by the construction.

I urge all residents to ask the City why a plan has not yet been finalized with the Army Corps to allow for an orderly transition from Reach 1 (Point Lookout Area) to Reach 2 of the project (the Long Beach area). This project is imperative to the resiliency of the barrier island. Any further delay by the City may have dramatic implications and force residents of the barrier island to wait even longer for the protection we all know we so desperately need.

Thank you for taking the time to read.

Matthew Brennan
Point Lookout Civic Association

Insights & Strategies for Homeowner’s & Flood Insurance [EVENT]

Insights & Strategies for Homeowner’s & Flood Insurance
Hosted by LB Community Organizations Active in Disasters – LB COAD

Tuesday, April 4 at 7 PM – 9 PM
Long Beach Public Library
111 W Park Ave, Long Beach, New York 11561
Facebook Event Link

Knowing the right thing to do with your homeowner’s and flood insurance and when to do it is a necessary part of the never-ending storm recovery story. Making good insurance decisions depends upon accurate information, your personal situation, and your plans for the future.

Too many of us remain overwhelmed and mystified by the bits and pieces of information and opinions we pick up from a bevy of sources. In an effort to do the right thing, we end up under or over insured, paying too much, and as confused as ever.
Here’s a chance to remove the mystery and the mythology of flood and homeowners insurance. Together we will learn:

• Why insuring coastal homes is so challenging and what we can do about it.
• How homeowner’s and flood insurance is priced and why.
• Who needs builder’s risk insurance when elevating and why.
• Strategies for reducing insurance costs without reducing coverage.
• The future of insurance for the South Shore.

Our Speaker: Scott M. Primiano, The Insurance Advocates, Inc.

Ooh la la LB : Shop Local Holiday Night 12/17, 3-7PM

The holidays are approaching super quick and we wanted to get our customers into the holiday spirit so we are hosting a holiday event on Saturday, December 17th from 3-7 PM and our neighboring stores will be serving sweets and promoting our event as well. We will have a pink Santa to take pictures with, hot cocoa, baked goods, promos, sales and more!

Ooh la la LB
134 E Park Avenue
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 431-4070