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Guest post by Roy J. Lester on our City Council Election

The following guest post is of the opinion of Roy J. Lester and not of Anthony &

By Roy J. Lester

A lot of people have asked me how I am voting this year and when I tell them I am splitting my vote between Democrats and Republicans they always ask why. The truth is that there are three seats available on the Long Beach City Council this year and it is one of our most important elections this City has ever seen! The direction of this City for the next few decades will be decide tomorrow at the polls. Continue reading Guest post by Roy J. Lester on our City Council Election

“Fall Back Safety” Fall back this weekend ​ – ​ Daylight Saving Time is Sat, Nov 5th

Fall back this weekend – Daylight Saving Time is Sat, Nov 5th. Every year during the end of daylight savings time there is an increase in traffic crashes. With increased darkness around rush hour time, and when traffic is at a peak, drivers, pedestrians and people on bicycles aren’t yet used to the decreased visibility and our internal clocks are thrown off by the change in lighting.
See! Be Seen! NY Governors Traffic Safety Committee Pedestrian Campaign
Visibility. Our fabulous fall fashion is darker than our summer brights ​plus we’re wearing hats and scarves – while this should not matter what we wear when crossing with the right of way, it does matter when you throw in a few other factors and when we’re talking about kids on their way home from after school activities. Let’s be honest here – being visible can save your life regardless of where you are walking, who has the right of way or that orange is no longer the new black (but ​I hear ​”golden lime” is rather vogue this season). The The Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee of New York pedestrian safety campaign SEE! BE SEEN! is on point for this time of year. #seebeseen
People on bikes – this is the PERFECT time of year to look at your bike reflectors and lights. New York law states a bike must be equipped with a headlight and taillight, front and rear reflectors, spoke reflectors and pedal reflectors to be used when riding at night [Section 1236, NYS Vehicle & Traffic Law] #bikelights
Drowsy Driving Prevention Week, Nov ​5​-1​2​

Drivers, check your windshield fluid, make sure your windows and mirrors are clean– if that is all it takes to increase your ability to see someone, then its worth the 5 minutes. You know driving around neighborhoods before dinner there’s always tweens on bikes and skateboards – remember they are there, even if you don’t see them. They’re like ninja’s, popping out at the last minute. Be ready.

If you call someone on their way home from work or school and they are in the car – get off the phone with them. Not after you ask what they want for dinner, but immediately. #DistractedDriving

Sleepy, drowsy driving can be as dangerous as drunk driving. November 5-12  is Drowsy Driving Prevention Week for a reason. Just like with the Spring forward Daylight Saving time, we are thrown off for a week as our bodies adjust to the change in morning and evening light. Our internal clocks being off by waking and getting home when its dark, leaving us sluggish and sleepy. Be aware of this. Have a coffee in the afternoon. #drowsydriving#BeAlert

Plus dawn patrol surf is more difficult which just makes all of us cranky. #surfworldproblems

Allison Blanchette, Executive Director Long Island Streets

(Allison Blanche is running for City Council under the Green Party.)

The League of Women Voters of Long Beach and the Long Beach Public Library will co-sponsor a candidates’ forum on Monday, October 30, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Long Beach Public Library.

The League of Women Voters of Long Beach and the Long Beach Public Library will co-sponsor a candidates’ forum on Monday, October 30, 2017 at 7:00 PM at the Long Beach Public Library.  Candidates for Nassau County Legislature – LD#4 and the Long Beach City Council have been invited to attend.  This forum will be recorded and posted online at the LWV-Nassau County website:

US Coast Guard Station, Long Beach NY c. pre 1918. Is that smaller building part of Shine’s today?

A long time reader of the blog sent me the following: Anthony – This is a photo that I obtained from the US Coast Guard, office of the historian years ago.  It depicts the USCG Station in Long Beach NY c. pre 1918, when it burned down.  It is said to have been sited “Near NY Avenue.”

It is of interest for several reasons.  If you look closely at the left end of the building near to the eaves, there are two arrows. The arrow closest to the building points to a low black building.  That building was Oscars Fishing Station a long time fixture in the West end.  Oscar’s stood in the bayfront street end, west side of Pennsylvania  Avenue, and was still there in the 1960’s. I have asked two old geezers who actually bought bait there and they confirm that that is Oscars.

A second arrow to the left of the first points to the remains of The Flushing Fishing Club which was across the bay roughly opposite the Delaware Avenue Street end. The land on that side of the bay was and still is owned by the Village of Lawrence, NY.  The fishing club building fell down in the 1960’s.

At the right edge of the picture is a small building which is part of the Coast Guard Station.  Anecdotal history says that Part of Shine’s Bar on West Beech Street  “was the old LB Coast Guard Station” and I think that this is it.  All early CG Stations were built just like this building to house the life boat and equipment.  Crews were local fishermen who lived at their homes near the station  There are good postcard pictures on the net of the Old Pt Lookout CG station and this is a match.

If you go to Shines bar, look at the small part of the building that houses the bar itself. Small room, low ceiling, just the size to hold a lifeboat.

Thank You, From Joe Miccio

I was asked to share the following letter from Joe Miccio, former-Long Beach City Council Candidate:

To my Long Beach friends,

I thought you’d like to read this letter to the editor (see below), published this week in the LB Herald. So many local people came in to testify. The opposition witness recanted her testimony. As a result of the truth being exposed, the opposition stopped the proceedings. All allegations were proven not to be true.

It was a horrible experience having my good name dragged through the mud, until so many good citizens came to the rescue.

I was extra concerned in the beginning of this trial, as anyone would have, once I learned the following: The law clerk who works with the judge’s wife (also a judge) is Scott Mandel (the opposition). Chumi Diamond (also the opposition) is the law clerk for a judge who works in the Supreme Court building with the judge on this case. The law clerk of the judge on this case donated money to Diamond’s campaign. Two other democrat judges recused themselves before this judge (also a democrat) took the case. These are only some of the conflicts we raised.

To the judge’s credit, he enumerated all the above at the trial, and added that he is an impartial person and that these relationships would not affect his ability to make a fair decision. I’ll take his word on that. But with all due respect to the judge, it did, at a minimum, create the appearance of a conflict of interests.

Thank you again everyone, for your good wishes, kind notes and continued support throughout this nightmare!

Joe Miccio

Long Beach Residents Collecting Donations for Harvey Survivors. Truck will be loaded September 2nd

THIS TRUCK WILL BE LOADED ON SATURDAY 9/2. Everything is going straight to the survivors with no middlemen.

Here is an update on the items we are collecting for HARVEY SURVIVORS at St. Mary’s of the Isle on Park avenue and Monroe Blvd:

Cleaning Supplies
Demolition Tools
Broom, Mops
Baby Food
Personal Hygiene Products
First Aid Supplies
Insect Repellent
New Packaged Tshirts
New Packaged Socks
New Packaged Underwear
New Coats
Contractor 3mm Garbage bags
Heavy duty gloves, masks, goggles
Pet food
Canned Food People and Pets


THIS TRUCK WILL BE LOADED ON SATURDAY 9/2. Everything is going straight to the survivors with no middlemen. 

EAC Network Assumes North Merrick and Long Beach Senior Programs

Nassau County, NY – Hempstead-based EAC Network has taken over the operations of the North Merrick and Long Beach Senior Community Service Centers, as well as Long Beach Meals on Wheels and Long Beach Case Management, which had been contracted previously by JASA (Jewish Association Serving the Aging). The programs are funded by the Nassau County Office for the Aging.

The human service agency adds the North Merrick location at the Jewel Quinn Senior Center, 1260 Meadowbrook Road, and the Long Beach location at 75 East Walnut Street, to its existing Senior Centers, also contracted with the Nassau County Office for the Aging, at St. Stephen’s Church, 9 Carlton Avenue in Port Washington, and United Methodist Church, 40 Washington Street in Hempstead.

Continue reading EAC Network Assumes North Merrick and Long Beach Senior Programs

A letter from the Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach

(I just received this in my email. Figured I’d share with you all, since I’ve been covering this whole situation for the past few weeks. Also, don’t forget to pick up a copy of Scoundrels by the Sea! New copies are in print  – Anthony)

Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach Letter

As you have probably heard by now, there will not be a primary for Long Beach City Council, and our candidates Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond can now focus on the November election.

Our opponents attempted to get on the ballot with allegedly forged and fraudulent signatures on their nominating petitions. They also submitted hundreds of signatures by registered Republicans on their Democratic Party petitions, and then brazenly went before the New York State Supreme Court to defend these signatures under oath, with the help of a prominent Nassau County Republican Party attorney. When our opponents recognized that their testimony had placed them in danger of having their case referred to the District Attorney’s office for a criminal investigation, they wisely opted to get out of the race.

Another fatal problem with their failed attempt to run for City Council was their failure to form an official campaign committee, and to file such a committee with the New York State Board of Elections, as required by law. As a result, every dollar they raised and spent was illegal, and devoid of any oversight, accountability, or transparency.

The Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach is proud to support honest, law-abiding, and experienced city council candidates Scott Mandel and Chumi Diamond.

Very truly yours,

Darlene Tangney
President, Independent Democratic Club of Long Beach

PRESS CONFERENCE on Aug. 16th All Hands Needed for FDNY Member Running for Long Beach City Council

I was asked to share the following:


An Official Communication from the UFA
#44 of 2017 · August 14th

All Hands Needed for FDNY Member
Running for Long Beach City Council

Allow Long Beach residents to choose who is on their ballot, not the Nassau County party boss. Stop Jay Jacobs from trying to void resident signature petitions in court, in an attempt to remove retired UFA member Joe Miccio and his running mates from the ballot.

Please spread the word ASAP to all Long Beach family and friends for turn out!

When: Wednesday, August 16th
Trial begins at 10 AM (pack the courtroom)
Press Conference at 1 PM (outside)

Where: Nassau County Supreme Court
100 Supreme Court Drive, Mineola
Trial: Judge James McCormack’s courtroom

Press Conference: South steps of the Supreme Court building at lunch recess (approximately 1:00 PM, when the judge orders recess)